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Dr Vegas

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Member since: Fri Mar 16, 2018, 06:17 PM
Number of posts: 456

Journal Archives

WW1 Christmas Truce: Silent Night

Madame Secretary 12/23 "Family Separation"

"Gift of the Magi", SNL Phil Hartman as Donald Trump (from 1988)


Intro by Obama, parody of "Hamilton" what more can I say

Hozier - Nina Cried Power

It's not the waking, it's the rising
It is the grounding of a foot uncompromising
It's not forgoeing of the lie
It's not the opening of eyes
It's not the waking, it's the rising
It's not the shade, we should be past it
It's the light, and it's the obstacle that casts it
It's the heat that drives the light
It's the fire it ignites
It's not the waking, it's the rising
It's not the song, it is the singing
It's the hearing of a human spirit ringing
It is the bringing of the line
It is the baring of the rhyme
It's not the waking, it's the rising
And I could cry power (power)
Power (power)
Nina cried power
Billie cried power
Mavis cried power
And I could cry power
Power (power)
Power (power)
Curtis cried power
Patti cried power
Nina cried power
It's not the wall but what's behind it
The fear of fellow men, his mere assignment
And everything that we're denied
By keeping the divide
It's not the waking, it's the rising
And I could cry power (power)
Power (power)
Oh, power
Nina cried power
Lennon cried power
James Brown cried power
And I could cry power
Power (power)
Power (power)
Power, lord
B.B. cried power
Joni cried power
Nina cried power
And I could cry power
Power has been cried by those stronger than me
Straight into the face that tells you
To rattle your chains if you love being free

Moving AD

Well I fell for it...,


John Prine That's How Every Empire Falls

That's How Every Empire Falls
R. B. Morris

Caught a train from Alexandria
Just a broken man in flight
Running scared with his devils
Saying prayers all through the night
Oh but mercy can't find him
Not in the shadows where he calls
Forsaking all his better angels
That's how every empire falls

The bells ring out on Sunday mornng
Like echoes from another time
All our innocence and yearning
and sense of wonder left behind
Oh gentle hearts remember
What was that story? Is it lost?
For when religion loses vision
That's how every empire falls.

He toasts his wife and all his family
The providence he brought to bear
They raise their glasses in his honor
Although this union they don't share
A man who lives among them
Was still a stranger to them all
For when the heart is never open
That's how every empire falls

Padlock the door and board the windows
Put the people in the street
"It's just my job," he says "I'm sorry."
And draws a check, goes home to eat
But at night he tells his woman
"I know I hide behind the laws."
She says, "You're only taking orders."
That's how every empire falls.

A bitter wind blows through the country
A hard rain falls on the sea
If terror comes without a warning
There must be something we don't see
What fire begets this fire?
Like torches thrown into the straw
If no one asks, then no one answers
That's how every empire falls.

This NEW commercial made me smile (Woman Rising)

Yes that is Springsteen in the Background


Mom's March Campaign for Senators Supporting Kavanaugh

So around midnight EST Sunday I get an Email Thanking me for supporting the Mom's March Movement for Senators Supporting Kavanaugh. WTF???<., Before I ask to be taken off their email list, I demanded to know HOW they got my email since I NEVER sign up for this group. I suggested that if they cannot answer my question, that I would expose them as being a part of a Russian Troll Farm.
They are also on FB, so I message them and asked the same question there, I also pointed out that my email to their return address "momsmarch@homemakersforamerica.com" bounced back to me as an "Unknown Address". I did write some really nasty stuff in both communications but I am tired of this BS.

In the pass year the NRA sent my DEAD Dad (over a year) a membership kit suggesting his dues were late. My Dad a WW2 vet was Anti-Gun. We weren't allowed to even have toy guns in our house. I wrote to them and suggest that respect an dead WW2 vet wishes and take him off their list

Last Year Michael Huckabee's group called my Parents #, (which is on the Do Not Call List) asking for some Donation for some type of Book. I also wrote to them and they said that they were "Non-profit" and didn't have to go follow that list.

My brother will say that I am overreacting to all this. Has anyone on DU had to deal with this BS???
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