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Dr Vegas

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Member since: Fri Mar 16, 2018, 06:17 PM
Number of posts: 456

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Would like to see them invited to perform at the Inaugural Ball

West Wing: When WE All Vote (MaxOriginal Production)

If you have a newer TV you might have an internet browser installed. I used that App and searched hbomax.com/votebecause
scroll down and on the left side there is a box offering the "West Wing Special" for free (till the end of 2020)
and of course on any of your portable devices. (kindle/Ipad) or your computer that has Internet access.


Sweet Dreams - The Miraculous Love Kids / Girl with a Guitar, Tom Morello, Kathy Valentine, et al.

"I feel a moral and spiritual imperative to awaken humanity, in particular my brethren in the music community to help give a voice to the horrible plight of poverty-stricken, war-torn girls,” Lanny explains. “Why girls? Because they have it the worst — forced into childhood marriages, stripped of their rights, and exploited in every way imaginable.”

If Someone asks you why we mourn

the world has lost this Great Lady

"but I will be too busy...,"


WELL We 're WAITING..., (KellyAnne)


There Are Certain Sections of New York. re: Trump's Gestapo


I just witness a NEW Trump AD.

It suggests the Joe Biden wants to Defund the Police.
If I recall correctly, I thought Biden had suggested that He Doesn't want to Defund the Police.

The AD states that if the Police is defunded it would take five days for them to answer your call,
which reminded me of a line from the movie "Boyz in the Hood".

The Father (Fishburne) asks why it takes days for the police to answer their calls.

I was shocked at what this Ad was trying to do.
The fear tactics might work with his base., but it is SICK and SAD

I predict that Trump will try to pull a "Bob Roberts" on Saturday

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