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Hometown: West Allis, WI
Current location: Minnesota
Member since: Tue Apr 3, 2018, 08:59 PM
Number of posts: 2,684

Journal Archives

I wish that when Trump was bragging about the shooting of Michael Reinoeh (debate)

that Biden would have asked him if he ordered that.

Has the Associated Press been taken over by Republicans?

I have noticed a lot of the internet articles and radio news seem to put the Republican spin front-and-center, if not in the title of the news article itself.

MAGAT World War 2 history

When they compared Donald Trump hiding Covid-19 to Winston Churchill, it struck a nerve with me.

I don't remember the time where Churchill hid the disaster at Dunkirk from the British people, or that he said that the Blitz was a Labor Party hoax?

However, I do remember Churchill saying this about how they would deal with the Nazi's:


Minneapolis Police create commemorative coin for civil unrest following George Floyd murder

link to Star Tribune article: https://www.startribune.com/cop-gives-mplsriot2020-coin-to-lawmaker-after-police-ride-along-in-minneapolis/572298452/

MSN: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/minneapolis-cop-gives-numbermplsriot2020-commemorative-coin-to-lawmaker-after-police-ride-along/ar-BB18EwjD?ocid=uxbndlbing

Any cop who has one of those should be fired on the spot.
Posted by TheRealNorth | Fri Sep 4, 2020, 11:35 AM (6 replies)

Thank you Rachel Maddow

For correcting Brian William when he was trying to push the "hacking" narrative.
Posted by TheRealNorth | Mon Feb 3, 2020, 11:42 PM (2 replies)

I have a bad feeling

If it hasn't happened already, someone with deep pockets on the GOP side is going to give Bolton a lot of money (more than he would get from his book) to change his tune about Trump.

I would like to think he wouldn't sell us out to the Russians, but the last 4 years have not made me optimistic.

Question about hacking countermeasures

For those of you who are more tech-saavy, would it be plausible to embed a virus in a file you think hackers might try to obtain in order to try to track down or create a digital trail of those involved in the hack or the dissemination of the stolen file?

If I were the Democratic nominee, I would create such a "honeypot".

Chuck Todd is an embarrassment to MSNBC

Just listened to him and god is he awful.

If I went on and claimed the earth was the center of the universe, I think he would pontificate on why can't we all agree.

C''mon Chuck - the Republican accuses Nancy Pelosi of political malpractice and you can't even follow up with, "did you just make that up"

I just saw an article on Klobuchar's worker retraining proposal

Amy Klobuchar is saying she wants to give tax cuts to help workers that lose their job through automation.

How are tax credits going to help someone that lost their job and is either making no income or is making so little that they probably are not paying much in income tax. There was not a lot of detail in the reporting.

If the tax credits instead go to a company willing to emply/retrain the employee, I can't help but see this as another give away to corporations where we will soon be bankrolling all their worker training programs.
Posted by TheRealNorth | Thu Dec 5, 2019, 03:44 PM (9 replies)

These SOB Republicans

Only Republicans would decide what crimes you committed first before examining the evidence.
Posted by TheRealNorth | Wed Dec 4, 2019, 03:57 PM (0 replies)
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