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Tucker Carlson: Bidens' Marriage is Fake

I know better than to ask how low he can go, because he will answer that question.
The better question to ask is: Who's still sponsoring this sack of hammers and what's their contact info?

Best comback:

WTF, TEXAS: 17-Year-Old Sex-Trafficking Victim To Be Tried As Adult for Murder


DALLAS, Feb. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Press House announces that Zephaniah Trevino, known as “Zephi” to her friends and family, was just 16 years old when her sex trafficker shot a man with whom she was being forced to perform sex acts. In a stunning hearing today, a judge ruled that the teen will be tried as an adult for a murder she didn’t commit.


In December, Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot faced calls for his recusal from the case after he shared a social media post from David Finn, the attorney of the man who is accused of abusing Zephi and who has admitted to pulling the trigger the night of the murder. The post outlined details of the case — details that Zephi’s attorneys, Justin Moore and Ashkan Mehryari, are prohibited from discussing due to juvenile confidentiality laws in Texas. In addition, Finn has gone on record about the great friendship he enjoys with Creuzot. This obvious bias against the young woman has heightened pressure for Creuzot to remove himself from Zephi’s case.

“The system in Dallas County is set up to destroy the lives of child sex trafficking victims,” said Moore. “It seeks to force victims into submission and corner them into taking responsibility for the crimes of their abusers. Fighting against such a system takes an incredible amount of courage and grit. It’s unfortunate that a young girl is being asked to display this.”

(more at source)

What in the actual hell, Texans. Fortunately, Zephi's case has attracted the attention of activists and advocates, including celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis and...Kim Kardashian? Okay, every voice counts, I guess...but one can only imagine what it's like for the victims who can't get that sort of help.

"MyPillow Guy" Lindell to Counter-Sue Dominion and Smartmatic

My apologies if this was already posted today, I did a search for Lindell and came up with nothin'.

SOURCE -----> https://www.mediaite.com/news/watch-mike-lindell-has-sudden-epiphany-and-says-he-will-sue-dominion-and-smartmatic/

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell pledged on Saturday to take legal action against voting technology companies Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic if they don’t agree to meet with him about his Absolute Proof documentary and voting machine conspiracy theories.

“I just decided, I got an epiphany, if Dominion doesn’t agree to meet, I am going to spend all day today finding out how I can sue them and I will go after them,” Lindell said, on Steve Bannon’s podcast. “We got to get the truth out. And when I go after people in a lawsuit, it’s not for money, I don’t care about the money, it’s to bring out the truth.”

So he just wants them to validate his laughed-off-YouTube video with attention, and if they won't cooperate he'll sue them for...what? Emotional abandonment?

Trump Aides Submit Last-Minute Requests For Extension of Parental Leave

...and get told "no." WOMP WOMP

SOURCE ------> https://currently.att.yahoo.com/att/trump-aides-made-request-team-214738904.html

“We understand that a few Trump appointees, including a handful currently on parental leave, submitted last minute requests to remain on government payroll,” the official said. “Because these requests were received so close to Inauguration Day… there was no way to implement an exception to the rule in a way that is fair to all outgoing appointees, including many who resigned as expected without making requests for extraordinary benefits.”


When some of the Trump political appointees found out that their full leave would not be granted, they elevated the issue to the Biden transition team. But after initially believing that the incoming administration would keep those on leave effectively employed, they soon were told otherwise. The former senior Trump official said he is now regretting his decision to stay until the end of the administration.

“I could have left earlier but I didn’t because I was told ‘hey you’ve got paternity leave coming up,’ and if I had known that you’re not going to get to use your paternity leave and you’re actually gonna just work your ass off when you have a new baby and then get fired, I probably would have made a different decision,” he said.

The former official declined to go on the record for fear that it would affect his prospects of landing a job with a salary to support a family of five. “It makes you look like you’re desperate for work and a story about me wanting to get money is not going to work well when I’m negotiating with people I’m talking to,” he said. “I’m trying to convince everybody that I’m in a perfectly good situation.”

(more at source)

They really thought they were going to milk Teh Stupid Libz for a free ride.
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