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Member since: Sat May 12, 2018, 01:26 AM
Number of posts: 3,381

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What is wrong with Mitch McConnell's lips?

They're purple, makes him look like a corpse (no offense to actual corpses) what causes this?

Anyone else experiencing extremely slow internet today?

He probably doesn't have enough hair left to comb over.

Amy McGrath signs everywhere in my very red, rural County in KY

Just drove into town, saw 35 McGrath signs, and 4 for Andy Barr.

How about a National strike?

Does Kavanaugh impress you as intelligent?

Can anyone think of a single good quality trump has?

I can't!

Is the Kavanaugh hearing going on today?

I've been watching on MSNBC all week, its not on today, anybody know why?

Did Kavanaugh bring his wife and daughters today?

What kind of accent does grassley have?

Everything is, sAyshun. For session
MAYsure is measure
PrAYsure is pressure......who talks like that? Never heard anybody talk like that before. His voice irritates me..
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