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Totally Tunsie

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Member since: Mon May 14, 2018, 05:03 PM
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Presidential & VP RSVPs for tRumphole's funeral

The inevitable has happened - cholesterol and sugar has taken its toll. The funeral invitations have been received, and the RSVPs are being returned.

Former Vice Presidents:

Al Gore: Not attending. Will be installing solar panels on The Great U.S./Mexico Wall. Mexico will pay for them.

Walter Mondale: Not attending. Will be lecturing in his ancestral Norway about the benefits of remaining a Norwegian resident and citizen.

Dan Quayle: Not attending. Has enrolled in remedial spelling classes and can't miss any.

Dick Cheney: Not attending. Now teaching a course in "How Not to Shoot Your Friend While Hunting".

Mike Pence: Not attending. Mother heard there will be women there.

Joe Biden: Not attending. Too busy running the country in his new role as POTUS.

Former Presidents:

George H. W. Bush: Not attending. Will be cleaning his Thousand Points of Light because he heard tRump say he couldn't "see" them.

George W. Bush: Not attending. Has too much manure to muck on the Texas ranch.

Jimmy Carter: Not attending. Needs to oil his nail gun for the next Habitat for Humanity project.

Bill Clinton: Not attending. Will be accompanying Hillary on the "America Apologizes to Hillary" tour, organized by 65,853,516+ American voters.

Barack Obama: Not attending. Still too busy searching for that damn birth certificate.

Posted by Totally Tunsie | Sat Sep 1, 2018, 01:58 PM (8 replies)
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