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Name: Doug
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Tn
Home country: USA
Current location: Tn
Member since: Fri May 18, 2018, 03:38 PM
Number of posts: 1,134

Journal Archives

Seems there will be a new Pre,z when im seen agai..

Checked my self in to a rehab center hor a month or 2. No onyk the uptick in frinking again, but anxieties and numerous panic at is. Think I need a few meds adjusted that was being missed. So we took the dive. Mrsk and LilBit have good neighbors to help out...ill be busy,but checking every once in a wuhile...

Will miss ya guys


Sometimes, you just gotta touch a toe

It's been tough week in this world. Dealing with some family issues. Kinda fell off the wagon, Not kinda. Prolly with a loud thud off the wagon. Not MrsK and LlBit family, for clarification. But my original family, who I have not spoken with for quite some time.

Long story short, My Mom and 1 brother started some emails to me about 3 months ago. Typical, Love you ,accept who you are,blah blah. will talk to you anytime. They know my diagnoses of major depression and my life of alcohol. I believed the emails and called my mother yesterday, took her less than 3 mins to hang up on me. So I know that the emails were false,, I was angry,hurt,and all. More so at myself that I believed the email BS and called her. And I had some drinks,

Mrs K and LilBit were listening and taking the brunt of my anger and pain. At one point I looked at MrsK and said "what do I gotta do?" She simply said, "touch my toe"

I said "huh??" And then she explained that when we first met many years ago, I had told her this, which I had forgotten,

"You told me that you will not always say the words I love you, but when you bring me a cup of coffee, you just said it. But , the one thing you said , you wanted to be asleep beside me and just touch my toe, every night with yours while we slept."

And just now Mrs K went to get her hair done, and stopped looked at me and said,, "We are here, we got you, you will touch my toe tonight."

God I love that woman.


so, why won't MSM talk like this?

Where are we at with Covid deaths? 211 THOUSAND.. SO Mrs K and I talk,her whole family died within 18 months,prior COVID,, but I think like this, 211000 is a great big number,. But lets bring Mrs K into this and why wont MSM put out this "conservative" number?

Like Mrs K, Each family member died, like I told her. Each person who died, had a family, a circle, relations.

So, conservatively, each Covid person who died ,,had a "circle" of 10 family members. This Asshole Pres is missing this. MSM is missing this. Lets do some simple math 21000 times 10 is 2.1 million. families affected..

and that is only assuming that each who died,had a small family circle as Mrs K did.

So was does MSM keep talking a bout a
"hard figure" of who died? How About they give a composite number of "WHOLOST?" Would not their broadcasts have more impact? would not a "MILLLIONS " number sounds good?

Im sorry,,I watched Mrs K small family die,, 5 of them. no cousins, no nieces, etc. It brings me to this thought...

Why wont MSM look at it this way? it is not only who died,, there is a simple math and thought of Americans AFFECTED.

Koz ,,pissed, and done

But more importantly ,Evil won again

I made a post about his timing for leaving. When it dawned on me his timing. I sit here right now and feel played. Posts on DU are gonna blow up now,AFTER THE FACT. The Fact is simple,this Evil Fuck played us again.
Will it work? I think not,, but at some point, I gotta look at this Evil F**** ,and say to Myself, I could never think like that, and dammit, that last half hour of controlling national press, was fairly good. and if I was AN EVIL FUCK, I would be impressed.

Fellow DUr's ,,not a time to make posts of what we "knew" and posted about after it happened. Time for us to step back and see how we got played but something, not, SOMEONE, but someTHING we have never experienced in our lifetime. Im 60 years old, feel free to flame. Old guy gonna tell you all now,,PAY ATTENTION,,some big shit going on.

and I'll add same as last post.

Do not underestimate this EVIL FUCK,,, Vote Vote Vote.


630PM was NOT random

Idiot just controlled all network NEWS!!

Go Vote,,Do not take this evil fuck lightly!


some great crisis, avoided

Ive been quiet,, its been ,not so easy. I have been chomping at the bit to have a drink. reading this thread has saved me.

Oh this isn't political, but, maybe it is too. I watch/read all your strength. Well, as you may know, Mrs K, LilBit and I moved a couple months ago. Whelp..we changed banking info when we made final,, low and behold, the banks F'd up.. none of our monthly retirement checks hit our new account last month. WE went through Sept on 900 bucks. God, these last 2 weeks sucked. I wanted some rum each night, I listened to LilBit (my daughter) whining, I knew she had enough to eat.I made my choice,LilBit got any cookie, tater chip or anything that cost same as rum that I could afford.
And then, if you read my posts, we found a kitty in our car. Another thing, we bought litter, and cat food. Not 1 thought that Isse wasn't in her home .

FINALLY Oct 1, our $ hit our new bank. WE were told our new bank had to lay off because economy. So reason is we didn't get our checks last month. Data center "couldn't keep up"

Mrs K and I were talking, did we lose faith? Nope. Did Koz find a way each morn he had to and make some kind of spaghetti dish to LAST 10 DAYS? YEP. Did Koz find a local farm that sells great ground beef and chickens at 1 third price of in store? Well,yeah, he did.

Ok gang,,I got a couple things going on with this post

,1. we can do this politically if we believe. These can be stressful times. we made some simple dry mashed taters and ate,,LilBit was Happy. That just explains yesterday.

2.Today,our stress ended, our checks were in new bank.. OMG I wanted to go buy some booze after stress of last couple weeks.
Welp , I woke today and felt different, nope ,I didn't need the rum/booze. I was taught by, whatever/whoever,,God, or what you believe.

My dollars were there, I could have bought booze, 2 weeks ago and today, but I didn't.

I'm far from perfect, but I learned, finally, the drink/shot isn't important. Your life is.My life is LilBit and Mrs K, even when we argue. Reach, Find, Know, your simple focus! Chances are, it is not your hook on the wall, with your fave sweatshirt, it is what is in your honest heart , will save You. Slow your brain down, Think ,Breathe, Believe.

Not all of you will have a point blank LilBit to save you, as I did ,, Just look for inside you you for a hidden LilBit. It is There.


You guys saved, without my posts. This is my Thanks.


so this is happening,,

As you may know, we are in a campground, changing our lifestyle to full time camper. I've made posts of what I am finding within campground. Seems "we " are at 36 "members" on the Joe train. they are asking me now, let's meet we have a clubhouse, lets talk. I did not want to be the leader, did it too much in real life, but, I think I'm gonna do it. Central Fla. this many folks want. maybe me old and truly not afraid of what I believe, I'm just gonna do it. Talked to Mgr of Campground today, we in. We get
Clubhouse, for meetings. which is community property, Trumpers here do not realize that. They will fight. Mgr, not owner, is on our side.
She said to me, you pay same rent. uhhmm,, Blue Wave is rocking,, even in Central Fla.


edited to say sorry for double post,got a 403. deleted dupe post


Lets smile for LilBit,,and us

So last Saturday, neighbor knocks and says" do you have cat? There's 1 in your car. Well we met a lost kitty,, brought her in, fed,etc etc. Monday we called animal control and checked on lost kittens,none.. So we named kitty..Mrs K wanted to name her Seminole as we just moved to Fla.I didn't like it,a bit of Google and name is Isse,, we pronounce " issie" Seminole spelling for the word " whiskers" . She is a 4 paw polydactal, and judging from pic from last evening,,LilBit doing fairly well with her also..
It was raining so hard last weekend,Mrs K said, it rained cats and dogs, one drop ended up staying with us!



I need to talk

thought all was good,,it isn't

So I thought I was in middle of Trumper country,,

And Honestly, we are. since we moved to Fla. but our campground where we moved had a Labor day thing yesterday. Lo and Behold! out of the 40 or so people that attended,,LilBit and Mrs and I leaves about 37,,, only 2,,,count em 2!!!! said they are voting for Trump. the rest are "closet Dems" They came ,asked questions about LilBit, changed the topic to politics, and looked ,in my opinion,sheepishly and told me ,,I gotta vote for Joe. I just said to them, why are you being so quiet about it?

Long evening and story ,short, We have a bunch of new friends, I have 4 new golf partners, that will not play golf in this town, but will travel to play golf. That goes back to the story of a local biz owner at Country Club here, who called, LilBit and me the R word. and they agreed to pull their membership and travel to golf with LilBit and I. 1 guy even tossed his red cap after talking to us and learning about LilBit.

My point,,I thought I had to be quieter here to protect against violence from Trumpers,,, seems LilBit has a bunch of Protectors along the way. This is just a ripple in the waters, in this small part of the country. I'm confident now, this kind of thing is happening all over.

Enough small ripples, make a wave,enough waves,,makes a tsunami. LETS GO!!!

Just go out and listen, make your points when asked.We don't need to force our beliefs, we are on the right side of history, most people know it,they just need verification for their mind.
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