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Member since: Sat Jun 9, 2018, 03:24 PM
Number of posts: 4,301

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Watch this. If you watch anything today, it should be this.

... The new upcoming food fad for the hoarders will be ... PB & TP sandwiches

Baskets overflowing with tp but zero food.

Four "presumptively positive" cases of COVID-19 in Montana

Bullock said in a press release that the four cases are:
Gallatin County: man in his 40s.
YellowstoneCounty: woman in her 50s
Silver Bow County: man in his 50s
Lewis & Clark County: man in his 50s.



The Montana Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) site.


My walmart trip. What they had and what they didn't.

Let me say there is NO Covid in my state or the surrounding states.

They had no toilet paper, bleach, wipes, sanitizer, Lysol spray or liquid, ramen noodles, frozen bread dough, flour, minimal sugar, very little water, 3 cans of beans (lucky me), soups were low, pastas/sauces were low, TV dinners empty as were a lot of frozen snacks.

CPAC chairman reveals he had 'contact' with coronavirus sufferer and went on to shake Trump's hand a

A whole lot of hand shaking going on here.


Tracking coronavirus: Map, data and timeline.


Reminder, If you think you have coronavirus CALL the hospital or Drs. office before you go.

That will give them time to get themselves protected before you get there.

It's a Love Shack!

Cupid has struck!

Thank you kind person.
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