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Member since: Sat Jun 9, 2018, 03:24 PM
Number of posts: 4,301

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Election official says GOP mailer contains bad information


These guys just don't quit!

This 38 page Court Filing for Elena Khusyaynova is an interesting read.


Shepard Smith is opening about Saudi.

Just a heads up if anyone is interested. I have been trying to catch the beginning of his show lately to see what he is saying to the peoples.

I found a comparison to persuade an Independent to vote Democrat.

Long story short....I found an Independent that wasn't understanding why she should vote straight D starting locally. I told her that if she were running as a Republican that I would not be able to vote for her. As much as I liked her and trusted her I would NOT vote for her. She just looked at me with a shocked expression. I started by telling her that we just can't cut the head off the snake but we have to dismember the snake inch by inch. I used the old shoplifting comparison. When things get stolen from a store, we all pay for that item in one way or another. When you have rich people who avoid their taxes we all have to make up for that money in one way or another to make the country functional.

That is a 2 minute version of a 2 hour discussion.

I am sending Grassley a sympathy card for the loss of his soul.

I am so pissed this morning that I am shaking from head to toe. I called his office and my freaking phone battery died.

Many of these GOP mouths are also tangled in a web of illegalities that are

still being investigated. Those bitching the loudest are those that have the most to hide. They also have the most blackmail material.

Guys from AFP just came to do a survey.

They told me who they were rather quickly so I didn't catch it right away. I knew they were political and before they started I told them that I was thinking of putting a sign on my door saying my decisions are made and blah blah, don't bother me. I did get a chuckle on that.

So I asked them again who they were with and they said Americans for Prosperity. Apparently I made a slight expression because one said it appears you know who we are. I said I do. Apparently my face changed a little more because he said it looks like you have an opinion. I said I sure do and you probably would not want to hear it. They said they did so....

Then I let it rip. Before I vote for ANY republican from the national level all the way down to the local level this party has to change. Right now the White House is corrupt and the GOP is not only enabling it and encouraging it but they themselves ate off the apple. They are all corrupt. I hope you take that back to them because I know they sure as hell are not hearing us in the streets. And somewhere in this whole rant I threw in the big dark money donors but I can't remember what I said.

(I am a little 85 pound, white haired old lady who talks with her hands and face)

Then I said, ok I am done because you guys are backing away from me like I am the crazy lady down the street ranting and raving.

Their expression was priceless.

Tomorrow it's Jr. coming for a visit to help Rosendale and Mike Pence Next week!

I am having a hard enough time coming up with one sign for Jr, I will never come up with a second one.

Remember the gops outrage and claims of interference when President Obama said this..


Get your tickets here. Jr is coming to Bozeman to help Rosendale.

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