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Member since: Sat Jun 9, 2018, 03:24 PM
Number of posts: 4,301

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2020 Presidential Election Calendar


I was looking for my voting date and I ran into this and thought I would share it.

Dude! Stop yelling at me.

I want to turn you (him) off but I need to see your (his) stupid that you wear like a neon sign.

These hearings are so disturbing.

What is it? It's stuck.

A little bit silly but the ending makes you go wow and smile.

When the song hits you again and again you have to share the ear worm. A great ear worm.

President Obama, The Honorable Elijah Cummings would be proud of you.

Thank you and well said.

That Nancy Pelosi pic shutting the idiot down is now on a coffee cup!! Smackdown! nt

Hate Crime v Domestic Terrorism 101 Spicy Files

In depth legal terminology.


In the coming days you will hear/see a lot of Cable News pundits using vernacular such as: hate crime, domestic terrorist/terrorism. The short answer is these two terms are not interchangeable nor should they be conflated. At all relevant times I will embed original data sources, as with standard practice I will primarily pull data from the DOJ, FBI, DHS, Congress and GPO (for federal statutes) and Congressional Reports.
The easiest way to explain a Federal Hate Crime - generally speaking itís predicated by hatred and/or bigotry based on race, religion or sexual orientation.
Iíve taken the liberty of placing them in chronological order, starting with the first Federal Hate Crime statute, which President Lyndon Johnson signed into law in 1967. Itís colloquially known as the Civil Rights Act. Accordingly the following statues:

Kamala Harris is kicking ass and taking names!!

I love that woman. Every single question is answered with a direct answer. More than once I have clapped my hands or stopped in my tracks to listen and watch her.

Steve Daines proposed bill adding citizenship question...

I wish there was snow to shovel to lower my BP.
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