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GemDigger's Journal
GemDigger's Journal
March 29, 2019

April Fools joke in a box for the UPS guy.

The UPS guy used to love to sneak up behind me at work and scare the crap out of me so I decided it was payback time. I stepped into a box and had my coworkers seal me up and put a shipping label on it to go to Canada. The UPS guy is always on time and he comes into the shop looking for me and unfortunately I was not at my station. So he shrugs it off and gets to work. He looks at all the boxes ready for him to pick up and starts writing on the box and I softly scratch the inside cover. He shifts the box to check the weight and says "this box doesn't feel like it is packed right." "I have never had a bad box from you people so I will assume it is ok." He starts loading his truck and it was my turn. I am inside hoping like hell that the joke is not on me with an unusual amount of packing tape on the box because it would not be beyond my coworkers to let him drive off with me. As he picks me up to put me in the truck I shifted my weight a little bit and I hear him talking about that bad packing job again. At this point it is all I can do to not start laughing my ass off. I start making more noise in the box. I hear him pause and he decides to take that box back out of the truck. As soon as he put me on the floor I broke out of that box and scared the shit out of him. He backed up about 10 feet, crashed into the racks and I started laughing and laughing and laughing.

2 decades later and we still laugh about it.

March 18, 2019

When "I" don't like what the media is telling "me", I simply change the channel.

Bitching about the media and them not having what "I" want is not productive of "my" anger. I didn't know that they were here for "me". It is supposed to be here for "me"? Am I wrong? If I like the lowest tier candidate, is it my fault or their fault for not showing what "I" want? If they aren't showing something that happened TWO seconds ago, should we hang them? "I" want to see it now. "I" don't care if it hasn't been verified, "I" want it now.

This endless bitching is getting old and not productive at all. End of rant.

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