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Member since: Thu Jun 28, 2018, 07:04 PM
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I agree the foundations of western civilization are at stake

Those fools would burn Magna Carta and 1000 years of common law to own the libs. And, ignoring and compounding global warming amounts to a kind of arson.
It is a planetary and civilizational arsonist party—with guns.

Unf******believable! Spurs!

One of the greatest games ever, yesterday, topped by an even greater game today.
I loved the Jurgen Klopp quote about motivating his team, Liverpool, to risk being beautiful failures. Spurs were listening.

You mean like 'Retreaded Fascists Party' does?

ReThugs works for me, too, though.

If this were April, 1863 would you be complaining that rebel bastards ought to be called Confederate soldiers? If it were November, 1932 would you be complaining that Nazi scum should be referred to as National Socialists? Who are you helping with these posts criticizing Democratic supporters? Isn’t that the number one rule, not bash Democrats? We’re all Democrats, maybe. You are either too naive or too savvy. Framing means nothing to you after two years? You don’t know what a concern troll is?

Either way, you’re too much.

Liverpool to Champion's League final

Leave it to the Anfield residents to stage of one of the great comebacks in Champion’s League history in knocking out Barcelona.
Scissors beats rock.

The country is imperiled.
Still, I take joy where I can.
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