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Welcome to Mordor


De colores, que no?

Gratitude for the 🌧

Criminal trial against Rio Arriba Sheriff ends in mistrial

Rio Arriba is the site of Tijerina’s courthouse raid in 1967 and the sheriff preceding the present one, Rodella, is sitting still in federal prison for civil rights violations.

TIERRA AMARILLA, N.M.- The criminal trial against the sitting sheriff of Rio Arriba County ended in a mistrial Friday.

District Court Judge Kathleen McGarry declared a mistrial because the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

Sheriff James Lujan is accused of interfering when Espanola Police were in a high speed chase back in 2017 and officers were in pursuit of suspect Phillip Chacon.

Prosecutors say Sheriff Lujan was friends with the suspect and wanted to help him. Court records claim he "instructed Phillip Chacon to gather his belongings and get in his patrol vehicle" to avoid arrest.

It's not clear whether prosecutors plan to bring Lujan to trial again.


Chronicling Trump's 10 worst abuses of power


Washington (CNN)Former President Donald Trump flouted the limits of presidential power unlike any of his recent predecessors, leaving behind a legacy of unmatched abuses that range from violations of longstanding norms to potentially criminal behavior.

It was hard to keep track amid the daily deluge of controversial tweets and distractions that were a hallmark of the Trump presidency. And some of the most egregious abuses of power weren't clear at the time but came into focus after exhaustive investigations.

To chronicle Trump's most consequential abuses of power, CNN spoke with a politically diverse group of constitutional scholars, presidential historians and experts on democratic institutions.

While these 16 experts did not agree on everything, there was consensus that Trump's pattern of abusing his powers for personal or political gain reached an alarming level that hasn't been seen in modern history, and will have long-lasting consequences for the future of American democracy.

Here is a breakdown of Trump's 10 most significant abuses of power.

They are listed as:

1) Subverting the 2020 election
2) Inciting an insurrection
3) Abusing the bully pulpit
4) Politicizing the Justice Department
5) Obstructing the Mueller investigation
6) Abusing the pardon power
7) The Ukraine affair and cover-up
8) Loyalty oaths and personalizing government
9) Firing whistleblowers and truth tellers
10) Profiting off the presidency

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