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@KeithOlbermann: RT if you'd like @RandPaul to fuck himself.


Weekly Reminder: GOP Gross Old Paedophiles (October, 2007, some things just stay the same)


Ghost in the Machine Donating Member

Tue Oct-02-07 05:57 PM

Republican U.S. Justice Department official John David R. Atchison, 53, an assistant U.S. attorney from the northern district of Florida, has been arrested on suspicion of traveling to Detroit over the weekend to have sex with a 5 year old child. An undercover officer posed as a mother offering her child to Atchison for sex, according to police.

In deposition, detectives said Atchison suggested the mother tell her daughter that "you found her a sweet boyfriend who will bring her presents." The undercover detective expressed concern about physical injury to the 5-year-old girl as a result of the sexual activity.

Detectives said Atchison responded, " I am always gentle and loving; not to worry, no damage ever, no rough stuff ever. I only like it soft and nice." The undercover detective asked how Atchison can be certain of no injury. He responded, "Just gotta go slow and very easy. I've done it plenty," according to detectives.

Republican city councilman John Bryan killed himself after police began investigating allegations that he had molested three girls, including two of his adopted daughters, ages 12 and 15.

Republican congressional aide Jeffrey Nielsen was arrested for having sex with a 14-year old boy.

Republican County Commissioner Patrick Lee McGuire surrendered to police after allegedly molesting girls between the ages of 8 and 13.

Republican prosecutor Larry Corrigan was arrested for soliciting sex from 13-year old girls.

Republican Mayor Jeffrey Kyle Randall was sentenced to 275 days in jail for molesting two boys -- ages ten and 12 -- during a six-year period.

Republican County Board Candidate Brent Schepp was charged with molesting a 14-year old girl and killed himself three days later.

Republican executive Randall Casseday of the conservative Washington Times newspaper pleaded guilty to soliciting sex from a 13-year old girl on the internet.

Republican County Constable Larry Dale Floyd pleaded guilty to charges of soliciting sex from an 8-year old
girl. Floyd has repeatedly won elections for Denton County, Texas, constable.

Republican Party leader Bobby Stumbo was arrested for having sex with a 5-year old boy.

The Psychedelic Revolution Is Coming. Psychiatry May Never Be the Same.

Psilocybin and MDMA are poised to be the hottest new therapeutics since Prozac. Universities want in, and so does Wall Street. Some worry a push to loosen access could bring unintended consequences.


It’s been a long, strange trip in the four decades since Rick Doblin, a pioneering psychedelics researcher, dropped his first hit of acid in college and decided to dedicate his life to the healing powers of mind-altering compounds. Even as antidrug campaigns led to the criminalization of Ecstasy, LSD and magic mushrooms, and drove most researchers from the field, Dr. Doblin continued his quixotic crusade with financial help from his parents. Dr. Doblin’s quest to win mainstream acceptance of psychedelics took a significant leap forward on Monday when the journal Nature Medicine published the results of his lab’s study on MDMA, the club drug popularly known as Ecstasy and Molly. The study, the first Phase 3 clinical trial conducted with psychedelic-assisted therapy, found that MDMA paired with counselling brought marked relief to patients with severe post-traumatic stress disorder.

The results, coming weeks after a New England Journal of Medicine study that highlighted the benefits of treating depression with psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms, have excited scientists, psychotherapists and entrepreneurs in the rapidly expanding field of psychedelic medicine. They say it is only a matter of time before the Food and Drug Administration grants approval for psychoactive compounds to be used therapeutically — for MDMA as soon as 2023, followed by psilocybin a year or two later. After decades of demonization and criminalization, psychedelic drugs are on the cusp of entering mainstream psychiatry, with profound implications for a field that in recent decades has seen few pharmacological advancements for the treatment of mental disorders and addiction. The need for new therapeutics has gained greater urgency amid a national epidemic of opioid abuse and suicides.

“Some days I wake up and can’t believe how far we’ve come,” said Dr. Doblin, 67, who now oversees the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, a multimillion dollar research and advocacy empire that employs 130 neuroscientists, pharmacologists and regulatory specialists working to lay the groundwork for the coming psychedelics revolution. The nation’s top universities are racing to set up psychedelic research centers, and investors are pouring millions of dollars into a pack of start-ups. States and cities across the country are beginning to loosen restrictions on the drugs, the first steps in what some hope will lead to the federal decriminalization of psychedelics for therapeutic and even recreational use.

“There’s been a sea change in attitudes about what not long ago was considered fringe science,” said Michael Pollan, whose best-selling book on psychedelics, “How to Change Your Mind,” has helped destigmatize the drugs in the three years since it was published. “Given the mental health crisis in this country, there’s great curiosity and hope about psychedelics and a recognition that we need new therapeutic tools.” The question for many is how far — and how fast — the pendulum should swing, and even researchers who champion psychedelic-assisted therapy say the drive to commercialize the drugs combined with a growing movement to liberalize existing prohibitions could prove risky, especially for those with severe psychiatric disorders, and derail the field’s slow, methodical return to mainstream acceptance.

The psychedelic researcher Rick Doblin dropped his first hit of acid in college and decided to dedicate his life to the healing powers of mind-altering compounds. Now his research center, MAPS, has raised $44 million over the past two years.Credit...Tony Luong for The New York Times


The NRA makes America look like a fucking clown show by using children to push violent rhetoric.

This is disgusting and should be criminal.


Mental health and trust decline across EU as pandemic enters another year


Full Document:


"I've mortally offended Putin by surviving" : why Alexei Navalny keeps fighting

Russia’s leading opposition figure has endured ignominy, imprisonment and poisoning over the course of his political career. He isn’t finished yet



much, much more at the link

Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party (Party 'Til You're Dead Mix)

MCA Records – MCA-23638
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Single
Alternative Rock, New Wave

266,000 new jobs added in April, big miss off the 1 million expected

Pres. Biden & Democrats to make push for a bipartisan agreement on scaled-back infrastructure bill

President Joe Biden and senior congressional Democrats plan to make a sustained push for a bipartisan agreement on a scaled-back infrastructure proposal over the next two weeks.


Bipartisan focus intensifies for crucial weeks ahead as path narrows on infrastructure


(CNN)President Joe Biden and senior congressional Democrats plan to make a sustained push for a bipartisan agreement on a scaled-back infrastructure proposal over the next two weeks, according to aides and White House officials.

In the latest sign that Democratic leaders are giving bipartisan talks their blessings, aides say that a timeline for passing a budget resolution, the first step in the process that would allow Democrats to pass legislation without GOP votes, has slipped past May.

Biden has also made clear he sees the coming weeks as a key test for whether the parties can find a path forward, officials say. He's instructed his staff to engage in continued negotiations and invited the lead Senate GOP negotiator, Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, to the White House next week and informed her she could choose the colleagues she wants to attend, according to one official. He'll also host congressional leadership next week.

"I'm meeting with my Republican friends up in the Congress to see number one, how much they're willing to go for, what they think are the priorities and what compromises -- I'm ready to compromise," Biden said in Thursday remarks in Louisiana. "What I'm not ready to do is, I'm not ready to do nothing."


David Squires on ... how the Guardian website might have looked 200 years ago

Our cartoonist celebrates our 200th birthday with a section-by-section reimagining of the first edition in 1821


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