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Gender: Female
Hometown: London
Home country: UK/Sweden
Current location: Stockholm, Sweden
Member since: Sun Jul 1, 2018, 06:25 PM
Number of posts: 34,336

Journal Archives

ACDF Architecture wraps glass home around apple tree in Quebec


Montreal studio ACDF Architecture has designed a low-slung, modernist-style home with massing shaped to surround an apple tree and provide lines of sight through the living areas. The project is located in St-Donat, a rural area near Montreal that serves as a popular getaway from the city. The all-black home, surrounded by a boreal forest, is made up of a square surrounding a small courtyard that contains an apple tree that reminded the client of their childhood.

"The owner embraced vivid childhood memories of growing up in an orchard environment," the architects explained. "The apple tree was symbolic of his earliest encounters with nature as a child, and of the continuity of that connection years later while picking apples with his own children," ACDF added.

Glass walls throughout the public areas of the home give sightlines of the tree and the other living areas from a variety of different positions. These views of the courtyard were designed to give residents a deeper connection to the natural setting around them. Its three bedrooms were built within opaque volumes clad in black wood siding. In one volume are two children's bedrooms, while the primary suite is seperate. A third box contains the garage and service areas.

In the primary suite, a separate lounge area acts as a secondary living room for the parents. This connects to a covered porch near the apple tree. This exterior area, in turn, leads back to the main living and dining area, forming a continuous circulation around the tree. "The home is designed for connectivity, and glances in every direction provide views across openings to other spaces," said Maxime-Alexis Frappier, one of ACDF's founders. "That being said, the boxes were designed to respect the need for privacy, and their wall placements are intentional in their offerings of solitude."


Dumbo Loft by Crystal Sinclair Designs features a book-filled mezzanine


Interiors studio Crystal Sinclair Designs has renovated a loft apartment in Brooklyn's Dumbo neighbourhood to include a mezzanine with a wall of books and a bedroom behind a glass partition. Upstate New York studio Crystal Sinclair Designs overhauled the space for a well-travelled lawyer and writer.

The client purchased the loft during the early Covid-19 pandemic in Dumbo, an area that has seen extensive conversion of buildings into luxury apartments. Sinclair's aim was to retain the industrial look of the space, while incorporating a mix of furnishings that offer a European flair and nod to some of the locations where her client has spent time.

"[She] wanted to incorporate certain elements that are representative of the places she’s lived and worked before," Sinclair said. "To that end, we worked in a nuristani mirror and a tribal qashqai rug purchased in Afghanistan, a statement chandelier from Italy, and her entire and not insubstantial library."

The concrete shell was largely left exposed, balanced with antique pieces like an easel and a leather wingback chair to add more story and a "lived-in" feel. "The space itself led the way," said Sinclair, who founded her eponymous studio with her husband, Ben. "The idea was to draw attention to the high ceilings with floor-to-ceiling drapes and a metal/glass partition wall. As the space is bright, we decided to paint everything white."


Undecorated creates The Caterpillar apartment building in Detroit


Architectural studio Undecorated has designed an elongated, metal Quonset hut punctuated with dormer windows and filled with loft-style units for an evolving neighbourhood in Detroit. The Caterpillar is located in Core City, an up-and-coming area that lies a few miles beyond the city's downtown zone. Set within an "urban woodland" with over 150 newly planted trees, The Caterpillar was designed by Undecorated, a local studio led by Ishtiaq Rafiuddin, who worked with executive architect Studio Detroit.

Totalling 9,000 square feet (836 square metres), the building contains eight apartments, all housed within an elongated Quonset hut – a type of prefabricated, arched metal structure that became popular in the US during World War II. The huts are known for being inexpensive and quick to build. The project is one of several ventures by Prince Concepts, a local real estate developer that is working with the city to develop about 100 vacant properties in the district.

The Caterpillar's enclosure is made of partly recycled steel and was manufactured by the US company SteelMaster. To bring in natural light, the team added glazed doors, skylights and dozens of rectangular dormer windows. The loft-style apartments are placed side by side and range from 750 to 1,300 square feet (70 to 121 square metres).

Each unit features 23-foot-high (seven-metre) ceilings and up to 18 windows, with daylight flowing in from both the northwest and southeast. The windows "capture the sunrise in the bedrooms and the sunset in the living rooms, which reflects off of the curved walls – creating an aura of ceremony and reflection", the team said.


Minilogue vs KAB ‎- Join The Minikab (Original Mix)+(Chris Cargo Remix) 💙🎶 2003 Swedish Tech House

Label: Feed Me Records – FEED001
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Country: Portugal
Released: Dec 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive Tech House

Sub-Pop 200 (Full Compilation album) 1988

Label: Sub Pop – SP 25
Format: 3 x Vinyl, 12", EP, Compilation
Box Set, Limited Edition
Country: US
Released: Dec 1988
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Folk Rock, Grunge, Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock


Tad - "Sex God Missy"
The Fluid - "Is it day I’m Seeing?"
Nirvana - "Spank Thru"
Steven J. Bernstein - "Come Out Tonight"
Mudhoney - "The Rose"
The Walkabouts - "Got No Chains"
Terry Lee Hale - "Dead is Dead"
Soundgarden - "Sub Pop Rock City"
Green River - "Hangin’ Tree"
Fastbacks - "Swallow My Pride"
Blood Circus - "The Outback"
Swallow - "Zoo"
Chemistry Set - "Underground"
Girl Trouble - "Gonna Find a Cave"
The Nights and Days - "Split"
Cat Butt - "Big Cigar"
Beat Happening - "Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive"
Screaming Trees - "Love or Confusion"
Steve Fisk - "Untitled"
Thrown Ups - "You Lost It"

Marjorie Taylor Greene called 'idiot' for suggesting plane not involved in 9/11 Pentagon strike


Former Congressman Denver Riggleman (R-VA) took to Twitter on Wednesday to slam Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for an interview in which she suggests that the strike on the Pentagon during the September 11 attacks did not involve an airplane.

The interview, given to American Priority before Taylor Greene took her seat in Congress in 2021, was recirculated after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) assigned her to the House Homeland Security Committee this week.

"We had witnessed 9/11, right?" said Greene in the interview. "We had witnessed 9/11. The terrorist attack in New York, and the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, and the so-called plane that crashed into the Pentagon. It's odd there's never any evidence shown for a plane in the Pentagon."

"One of my closest friends was in the Pentagon when the plane hit. I deployed ten days after 9/11," wrote Riggleman, a Trump-skeptic Republican who served in Congress from 2019 to 2021 and worked as an adviser to the House January 6 Committee. "Any idiot who says the 'so-called plane that crashed into the Pentagon' and says there is no evidence for said plane is a mentally deranged fool."


Trump admits to taking classified folders as 'cool keepsake': 'I saved hundreds of them'


Donald Trump admitted to keeping government materials as "cool" keepsakes, but he insisted he kept only the folders and not the classified documents they had contained. The former president issued a pair of posts on his Truth Social website claiming that reports about the top-secret materials he hoarded at Mar-a-Lago and elsewhere were inaccurate, and tried out a new defense by insisting that 48 folders marked "classified" that were seized by FBI agents had been empty when he carted them off from the White House as souvenirs.

"The Fake News Media & Crooked Democrats (That’s been proven!) keep saying I had a 'large number of documents' in order to make the Biden Classified Docs look less significant," Trump posted. "When I was in the Oval Office, or elsewhere, & 'papers' were distributed to groups of people & me, they would often be in a striped paper folder with 'Classified' or 'Confidential' or another word on them. When the session was over, they would collect the paper(s), but not the folders, & I saved hundreds of them."

"Remember, these were just ordinary, inexpensive folders with various words printed on them, but they were a 'cool' keepsake," he added. President Joe Biden's attorneys notified the Department of Justice that some Obama-era classified materials were found at his private residence and at the Penn Biden Center, which a special counsel has been tasked with investigating, but Trump said his own actions were entirely justified.

"Perhaps the Gestapo took some of these empty folders when they Raided Mar-a-Lago, & counted them as a document, which they are not," Trump posted. "It’s also possible that the Trump Hating Marxist Thugs in charge will 'plant' documents while they’re in possession of the material. As President, and based on the Presidential Records Act & Socks Case, I did NOTHING WRONG. JOE DID!"


Is Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Finally Ready to Indict Trump?

Alvin Bragg told reporters recently the Manhattan DA’s Office was ready to move to “the next chapter.” Does that mean, after resisting for so long, he’s ready to go after Trump?


Minutes after a New York judge ordered the Trump Organization to pay $1.6 million for criminally dodging taxes last Friday, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg held a press conference. It was short—two minutes, to be exact—but Bragg was still able to bask in the glory of his office’s hard-fought victory against Donald Trump’s family company. And he was able to tease his next move.

Bragg congratulated his team on successfully prosecuting two Trump companies and sending its top accountant to jail, noting how the win “closes this important chapter of our ongoing investigation into the former president and his business.” “We now move on to the next chapter,” he continued. To many, it sounded like Bragg was finally ready to set his sights on former President Donald Trump—nearly a year after making the disastrous decision to not indict him for fear of losing in court, a move that demoralized the investigative team and caused its top two prosecutors to quit in protest.

But Bragg may finally have changed his mind. The recent trial offered a preview of the damning evidence that ties Trump directly to the crime. First, there’s the memo Trump signed approving chief operating officer Matthew Calamari’s blatantly illegal request in 2012 to reduce his taxed salary by $72,000 to cover the cost of his untaxed high-end corporate apartment. Add to that the fact that Trump, in a separate New York legal fight in 2021, asserted under oath that he personally oversaw Calamari’s compensation.

Second, there are checks Trump signed to cover the expensive tuition at a private school for chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg’s grandkids. Add to that Weisselberg’s trial testimony, in which he remembered being in Trump’s office a decade ago when he promised to pay it back—a vow he fulfilled when he reimbursed the company by also lowering his taxed salary.


Republicans Are Really Going To Crash The American Economy This Time

If you think this will be a replay of 2011, where Republicans walked right up to the line and then backed down, that is not a bet I’d be willing to take.



I had to explain to my daughter Anastasia last week that there’s a very good chance she won’t be able to go to drama camp this summer because we have to save up as much money as possible in case Republicans explode the economy and then shut down the government again a few weeks later. She’s upset but she remembers how bad it got when her mom stopped being paid for over a month four years ago because Trump threw a temper tantrum.

There was no way to sugarcoat it for Anastasia and there is no way to sugarcoat it for you, either: Republicans are going to do everything humanly possible to crash the economy this summer and again going into the fall. Either attempt is bad news on its own. If they manage to pull off both, it would be catastrophic and the GOP has an awful lot of incentive to go for the gold here. I’m going to explain why this is horrendous scenario is inevitable, and more importantly, what we can do about it. Because we need to get ready, and fast.

Why would they do that?

Normally, they wouldn’t go all in on this level of economic destruction, and in the past they haven’t. Republicans usually threaten to crash the global economy, but costing their morbidly rich donors trillions of dollars is bad for business so they relent. However, to the extremists controlling Speaker-in-name-only Kevin McCarthy, the only thing worse than crashing the world economy is another four years of Democrats being in power. Next year is a presidential race and Republicans have exactly two candidates of note: Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Neither is particularly exciting. Trump is under so many serious criminal investigations, the likelihood that he will go to prison or flee the country goes up by the day. He’s also a worn-out and, ahem, “low-energy” shadow of his former showman self. I guess adderall can only perk you up for so long?

DeSantis is younger and full of energy. Short, whiny energy. Florida loves him but he’s not exactly the swaggering manly Hollywood-esque studmuffin the GOP base demands. Also, he’s terrible outside of his protective media bubble and it’s impossible to avoid the national spotlight in a presidential race. Matched up against Biden the incumbent, a know quantity with a broad coalition of support, they are not going to fare well and Republicans know it. The planned Hunter Biden smear campaign is a long shot that could very well backfire. The Biden documents “scandal”, at best, will soften the blow for Trump’s criminal theft of nuclear secrets. It certainly won’t be enough to wreck Biden’s re-election. Barring some new massive scandal, something Biden has been very careful to avoid so far, Republicans are going to have to run on externals like the economy, immigration, or Covid. None of which are likely to do well given the current trajectory of the country.


Sweden's PM grilled by EU MEPs on his dependence on the far-right

Sweden's Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson faced a barrage of questions in the European Parliament on Tuesday over his dependence on far-right support, with one MEP accusing him of being "a hostage" to the Sweden Democrats.



Sweden's Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson delivers his speech at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Kristersson protested that governments had been formed with far-right support in Finland, Norway and Denmark, and that Sweden was no different. “This government which Sweden has established has been a completely normal Nordic government since 2001,” he said. “This has been tried in Finland, Norway and Denmark with good results.”

Kristersson, leader of Sweden’s conservative Moderate Party, was in Strasbourg to present Sweden’s programme, as President of the European Council, to the parliament. Some of the most challenging questions came from MEPs from the green and left parties.

“Your government is now hostage to the Sweden Democrats,” declared the Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts, who is chair of the parliament’s green group, adding that his group were extremely concerned that a government with such a dependence on the far-right would be responsible for working on EU laws.

Manon Aubry, the French MEP who leads the Left grouping, warned that the Sweden Democrats “neo-Nazi use of language” was already widely spread in Europe. “You can’t play games with the extreme right, because when they take power, they will refuse to give it up in a democratic way,” he warned.

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