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Member 2002 - 2016, with 50,000+ posts. Re-upped for the fight ahead.

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Rejoice! Freeper says he hasn't been this discouraged since 2008.

JimRob nearly blew a gasket urging McConnell to take the vote today.

Lots of tooth gnashing going on.

One of them is convinced that Dr. Ford is a product of MK-Ultra.

Remember that Kavanaugh would have been SUPREMELY BLACKMAILABLE...

..were it not for Dr. Ford opening the gates of truth about him.

Blackmailable for financial irregularities, as well as all this other criminal sexual assault.

I am thinking about the parents of all those girls on the basketball team.

And the girls themselves.

FLAKE Whataboutism.

Haven't heard anything substantive yet except scolding us for condemning a man on his known record.

What if the women are deflection from Kavanaugh's financial irregularities and Kennedy?

A limited hangout.

Think Lee Atwater

Think Karl Rove

It could be so.

Amnesty International calls for postponing Kavanaugh vote -- human rights violation


More at the link

Amnesty International USA calls on you to halt the vote on President Trumpís nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Amnesty International takes no position on the appointment of particular individuals to government positions, unless they are reasonably suspected of crimes under international law and could use their appointment to the position in question to either prevent accountability for these crimes or to continue perpetration. At the same time, the organization calls on governments to thoroughly vet candidates in regard to any human rights concerns arising from their prior conduct.

Kav may not remember assaulting girls BUT he memorialized them in his yearbook remarks.

So where is the consistency in that?

Where is the truth?

How does he explain what he did to Renate, for example?

How does he explain it?

Was he lying then, or lying now?

Beto's ride home from last night's debate --- how do you think Cruz's ride went?


From Seth Abramson.

Here is the unasked question: What is Putin's plan for Trump's 2nd term and what will Putin do...

....to make that term happen?

Putin's ambitions likely do not end with the simple lifting of sanctions and a bromance with a fairly repulsive man.

Can we foresee the ways in which he would help Trump win a GE?

And can we discern (from world history, from Putin's playbook, from informed speculation) what Putin's intention for America is?

We see the sowing of chaos in the land as a known precursor to the pre-totalitarian state. That seems to be where we are. Agree? Disagree?

It seems important to remember that Putin's plan is longer than Trump's current term.

Charlie Pierce: Trump thought he could fire Comey after he won the primaries.

But that's not the most striking piece of Pierce's commentary.

Recently, I watched Active Measures, the documentary about Putin, the Russian oligarchs he has brought to heel, and how all of them are connected to the president* in one way or another. Filmed on a shoestring and now running on Hulu, among other platforms, AM is best at illustrating Putin's ongoing attempts to delegitimize other governments for his own political and financial purposes. One way is to ratfck your candidate into office and then have your new plowhorse throw his opponents into jail. That's what happened in the Ukraine, and what almost happened in Georgia. The way you do this, of course, is that first you have to undermine the credibility of independent law-enforcement institutions that might get in your way. There is no other way to look at the president* remarkable tantrum about the FBI. "A cancer on the country"? This is an incompetent authoritarian sending signals to his master.

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