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Member 2002 - 2016, with 50,000+ posts. Re-upped for the fight ahead.

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What could be done to encourage Kentucky to dump McConnell?

Maybe Tom Steyer ought to take his money there, for a cause as good as impeaching Trump.

Are the demographics in Kentucky so rigid that dumping Mitch is impossible?

Do the voters there know about his deep corruption?

Could a challenger get any traction?

High praise on twitter for this article on terms of art regarding assets -- agents Russia.


A number of commentators and critics have labeled President Trump an Agent of the Russian Federation. It is often not clear if they mean that he is unwittingly adopting Russian propaganda, knowingly doing the bidding of the Kremlin or is an out-and-out controlled secret asset of the Russian intelligence services. All are sordid. Some are merely repulsive while others are illegal and even treasonous (in the common though not legal understanding of that term). Even former FBI acting Director Andrew McCabe answered, ďI think itís possibleĒ when asked if President Trump might be an asset of Russian intelligence.

I think it is entirely plausible that Mr. Trump is somehow compromised by his personal and financial dealings with Russia and Russians, but I do not think he is an ďagentĒ in the sense that intelligence professionals use the term. Let me explain.

Intelligence and law enforcement professionals ascribe specific meanings to those who work on their behalf. Unfortunately, the term ďagentĒ is less clear than some others. For example, the FBI calls its officers agents, while CIA officers never refer to themselves as agents, and instead reserve the term for those foreigners who spy on its behalf. The Russian services, on the other hand, approach human espionage operations differently from intelligence services in the West.

So, letís take a quick look at how the U.S. and Russia think about human intelligence and espionage. And, just to be clear, I am not sharing any information that is secret, sensitive or detrimental to the U.S. intelligence community (IC). The details are available on IC websites.

Slate: Journalism Was Right


Last paragraph:

At their best, journalists are everything that Trump is not: careful with facts, cautious in their phrasing, and accountable to the truth. Are there bad, sloppy journalists? Sure. Do journalists make a lot of mistakes? Sure. But as a rule, reporters sweat over every fact and assertion in the stories they publish. They try hard to get their stories right, even as Trump and his associates falsely malign them for getting their stories wrong. There is not and has never been a media conspiracy against Donald J. Trump. The Mueller report reveals that negative coverage isnít the product of a dishonest media vendetta against the president. Itís the result of reporters having eyes and ears

Good in-depth article on the MILITIA arresting border crossers.


And here is a book that details the scene up until 2011. Highly recommended by David Neiwert, expert on RWNJ.


CNN's April Ryan did NOT say that Sarah Sanders' head should be lopped off.

Mike Huckabee has twisted this in order to attack Ryan.

April said that "heads should be lopped off" at the White House for allowing Sanders to lie from the podium.

It's a big mess now, and April is under withering attack from the RW.

It isn't that long ago since Mike Huckabee tweeted that Ryan should be "gutted like a deer."

Wingnuts are calling for Trump to pull Ryan's credentials.

Why did Trump cry "I'm f#$cked!" on Spec Counsel appt news if he was innocent of criminality?

Riddle me that!!

Barr did not announce an investigation into counter intelligence probe?

I missed the press conference.

That was my prediction. I stand corrected, apparently.

For the benefit of everyone, what sites are live streaming tomorrow?

Is there a link to live streaming MSNBC? CNN?

BREAKING Committee Chairs Call On Barr To Cancel Press Conference


No Pentagon briefing since May 2018; no Secretary of Defense either.

Wars all over the world.

NK rattling sabers again.

End to Yemen vetoed by Trump.


Who is running things?


Doesn't there need to be a law written by House setting some standards for cabinet appointments?

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