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Member since: Sun Jul 22, 2018, 03:20 PM
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Member 2002 - 2016, with 50,000+ posts. Re-upped for the fight ahead.

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Has Trump/Barr arrested Assange in order to bury evidence he holds?

Everything of Assange's work is now under control of Barr's DoJ.

Think about it.

And things sometime happen to prisoners in federal lockup.

Hard drive advice for a dummy?

Last year when my Dell laptop failed, I bought an HP laptop because it was inexpensive and all I could afford right then. The model is "Stream". It began to run out of memory very fast even though I tried to dump all useless pre-loaded crap and try to always store files on a thumb drive. It drops me out of my browser often. Pages load fast, but available space is almost nil. I have not added any programs, so that's not the trouble. It just came with very little memory.

I know very little about external hard drives. Would adding one here help me out?

what does this exchange between Barr -- Leahy mean?

Barr laughs about talking to Trump in front of several Supreme Court justices.

What is this about??

Seems very sarcastic from Barr.

The transcript doesn't show it all; you have to watch the short clip.


House Dems will be in recess, out of country when Barr releases the report.

Just reported on MSNBC.

Many will be off on junkets out of country.

How convenient.

Gaetz has filed a "Sense of the House" petition to remove Schiff

The document is available on his twitter feed.


If you have not watched the Dutch film on Trump-Russia, you're missing something good.

It's linked over in video & multimedia.

Two hours long, but is extremely worth the time. It's like a feature film.


Someone on MSNBC this afternoon said Mueller did not finish his probe.

I was half snoozing and don't remember who it was.

It jolted me.

It might have been Chuck Todd. It wasn't said as a stand alone thought, just as part of the discussion.

Did anyone else hear this?

Revealing the evidence against Trump NOW is a matter of keeping/losing our very existence.

It's that important, as Trump takes giant leaps toward full autocracy and consolidates power.

The center is not holding. We can't keep the Republic by waiting.

The evidence MUST be revealed, somehow.

An impeachment inquiry and hearings would allow evidence to be presented.

The end result of that effort must be less important to us than the releasing of the evidence to the public NOW.

Because the release of the evidence to the public will lay the groundwork, build the case, plant the seeds that WILL cripple Trump in the mind of even larger numbers of citizens.

And so even if Republicans in Congress choose to ride this traitor and go down, too....

The critical mass of public opinion will wash over the land.

We counted on having release of the evidence. Nancy apparently counted on having the evidence when she said she would wait for something overwhelming.

We don't have it.

The fastest way to get it now is to bring Articles of Impeachment and schedule hearings. Because the intention of Trump-Barr is to tie up the report in any possible way. They will hide it away from the American people through the 2020 election.

We can't wait. We just can't wait for that evidence.

2 hour Dutch video on Trump-Russia -- extremely well done and informative.


It's a year old, but worth keeping.

HORRID court decision TODAY will affect release of Mueller report

New: Federal judges have no inherent power to order the disclosure of grand jury materials, divided DC Circuit panel says today

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