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Member since: Sun Jul 22, 2018, 03:20 PM
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Member 2002 - 2016, with 50,000+ posts. Re-upped for the fight ahead.

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I want some RED MEAT today, dammit.


A LEAK, perhaps.

A step forward in our drive to hold Trump accountable.


Prior to the submission of the Barr summary, we could hope that a Mueller indictment would drop on a Friday.

I am more frustrated now than previously.

Nadler is willing to "work with" Barr to give him courtesy and time to comply with the subpoena.

This Nadler tactic takes juice out of our base. Takes away any imperative for us to be protesting en masse.

Is Barr feeling pressure? Or is he kicking back and relaxed knowing that Nadler is flexible?

Are you MAD?? Are you fired up, ready to go? I am.

Be a little careful about accepting NBC Ken Dilanian's reporting today on the Mueller team "leaks"

Many people are cautioning us to remember that he has delivered some bogus analyses in recent weeks. Some think he is a tool that is being played by his sources. He seems too quick to promote some assertions.

And he has blocked umpty numbers of Twitter users who question him.


Remember Rather.

Slate 3/29 Trump's Treachery Goes Way Beyond Russia

He's not working for Putin. He's working for any dictator who flatters him.


And Russia is just the beginning of the story. Trumpís treachery goes well beyond his service to Moscow. Transcripts, videos, and government records show that he has repeatedly collaborated with tyrants against our country. He has defended North Koreaís Kim Jong-un against U.S. intelligence that shows Kim is lying about his nuclear programs. He has defended Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince, against American intelligence that exposes the crown princeís role in the murder of a U.S. resident. He has sided with Turkeyís president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, against American generals and U.S. law enforcement. He has declared that the Chinese government is more honorable than the American Democratic Party.

Thereís a good reason why Mueller didnít find proof that Trump is a Russian agent. Itís because Trump isnít a Russian agent. Trump doesnít particularly care about any country, just as he doesnít particularly care about any of his employees or wives. And the list of countries Trump is willing to betray includes the one that elected him. He chooses his friends and enemies based on their utility to him, not based on their national allegiance. Thatís how Putin turned Trump against the United States. And other governments have learned the same trick.

The lesson of the Mueller investigation isnít that Trump is less treacherous than his critics feared. Itís that heís more treacherous. Heís been selling out his country to a series of dictators. Donít take it from me. Donít even take it from Mueller. Itís all in the public record, one damning story after another. Here are four of them.


Is there some organizing for public protests to demand the Mueller report release?

I thought I saw some talk of that a couple of days ago.

Really good AP article fact-checking Trump's recent false claims to credit for himself


Question: WHY DID EVERYONE believe Jr, Manafort, Kushner, et al....

...when they each said that the Russians offered not-good-enough dirt on HRC at the Trump Tower meeting?

No one has ever questioned that supposition.

They said they left the meeting early because there was nothing worthwhile.


Here's our chant..........from Adam Schiff. "IT'S NOT OKAY!!"

The perfect response from Democrats.


The perfect response to every evil and stupid act in service of Trump.


Neal Katyal suggests House defund the Office of Atty General until release of report.


The Daily Show Responds to Huckabee-Sanders' Crackdown.


Ari Melber going after Robert Ray last night (Whitewater prosecutor of Clintons)

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