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Member 2002 - 2016, with 50,000+ posts. Re-upped for the fight ahead.

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder -- DSM diagnostic criteria applied to Trump

A personality disorder acquired in childhood, sometimes persisting for a lifetime. A mental health professional posted these diagnostic criteria on twitter, from the Mayo Clinic.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), published by the American Psychiatric Association, lists criteria for diagnosing ODD. The DSM-5 criteria include emotional and behavioral symptoms that last at least six months.

Angry and irritable mood:

Often and easily loses temper
Is frequently touchy and easily annoyed by others
Is often angry and resentful

Argumentative and defiant behavior:

Often argues with adults or people in authority
Often actively defies or refuses to comply with adults' requests or rules
Often deliberately annoys or upsets people
Often blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior


Is often spiteful or vindictive
Has shown spiteful or vindictive behavior at least twice in the past six months

Premature Exoneration. Heh heh.

That's what Trump is experiencing.

The jokes write themselves.

Rosenstein needs to be called in to Congress ..

... to tell how he collaborated (or not) with the review and summary of the report alongside Barr.

Barr is invoking him so as to lend an air of impartiality.

And so Congress must verify just what Rosenstein has to say about that assertion of Barr's.

On what basis does Trump call the investigation ILLEGAL?

If it's illegal, then it must be null and void....and a new investigation ordered?

I wonder if Manafort has seen the photos of Mar-a-Lago celebrations last night.

HE is the one paying with the remainder of his days

for the NO INDICTMENTS of Trump, Jr., Jared, Ivanka, et al.

Frank Figliuzzi today: Trump invokes sovereign citizen wacko stuff "People won't allow it"

Frank said today that the "Investigator wasn't elected" "People won't allow it" is teeing up the nut job Sovereign Citizen that does not accept legitimacy of the government.

Think Ruby Ridge.


Lordy, fascists moving on Europe as agents of Putin and Bannon


That thread is very frightening.

Ken Dilanian blocked me from his twitter.


Because, I assume, I stated that he has been reportedly the one giving NBC the bad and breathless information that the Mueller report is imminent and pointed to Preet and Seth Abramson for better information.

Nicole Wallace said today that they have dropped the word "imminent" and replaced it with "looming" on NBC.

Report: Nader has stopped cooperating with Mueller?


Laura Rozen
‏ @lrozen
7h7 hours ago

I have queried his attorney a few times, and received no response. 2/

Also not heard back from his attorney if Nader intends to cooperate with the House Judiciary Committee probe 3/

As previously noted, a different attorney from the same firm as Nader’s attorney is reportedly representing Broidy in related matters

Source thought that odd, since one might have thought Nader was revealing information in his cooperation that could legally affect Broidy

(Broidy’s attorney also did not respond to a query. )


Have you seen the naughty 'toon from "Devin Nunes Mom"? NSFW

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