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Is this hearing going to have the frustrating five minute rule for members to ask questions?

That is so limiting and ridiculous.

Hahah tweet from Seth Abramson regarding Gaetz "marketplace of ideas" excuse


LAVROV is also in Vietnam. Surprise, surprise, surprise!


Senate Democrats letter to DHS inquiring about protection of the vote

can't copy it but here's the link


Letter from 24 election security experts demanding hand counted paper ballots.


Letter from two dozen of the nation's foremost cyber and election security experts to the GA Secretary of State advocating hand-marked paper ballots in advance of the January 10, 2019 SAFE Commission meeting in Atlanta.
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Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd

Can't copy from scribd, but well worth going to the link to read.

WTH? Flashing the white power handsign with both hands this morning?

Or is he watching Romper Room?


Seth Abramson's calling for our candidates to take fierce attack straight toward GOP.

Seth Abramson
‏Verified account @SethAbramson
1h1 hour ago

It's unbelievable that we're going to have a massive Democratic field for the 2020 primaries, and not one candidate will say outright what I believe a majority of Democratic voters are thinking: the Republican party is no longer a viable discourse partner in our two-party system.

A candidate needs to stand up and unambiguously tell America that while we're stronger under a two-party system, at present we have only one party capable of governing or even *eligible* to govern, as the other has experienced a moral collapse that excludes it from civil society.

Seth Abramson's great idea: Turn 4th July rally into IMPEACHMENT RALLY!

That way, Trump will be calling for a gathering of the masses who want him OUT.

Every time he tweets about his big Salute America July 4th rally......

Light up twitter with a response calling it IMPEACHMENT RALLY.

This twitter acct documents the *interesting* travel patterns of oligarch & other airplanes, boats.


Tonight she's got oligarchs AND Sean Hannity's flight path.


Yashar Ali thread about new hire (former Sessions spox) to manage CNN political coverage


Yashar Ali 🐘
12 hours ago, 15 tweets, 3 min read Read on Twitter
1. I have something to say about this. I might say some stuff others have said but I have a unique perspective. I transitioned from politics to reporting. The position Sarah's been hired for lacks a very important element: transparency. That's what should concern people.

WHAT? Ex-Jeff Sessions spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores is joining CNN as a political editor. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/02/19/sessions-sarah-isgur-cnn-political-editor-1174527

Ex-Sessions spokeswoman to join CNN as political editor

Sarah Isgur will coordinate political coverage for the 2020 campaign at the network.

When I transitioned from politics to reporting I knew I had a lot to prove. Anyone who makes that transition does and that's a good thing. Key difference is everyone can see the work I'm doing, whether its on Twitter or in published stories, I can be held accountable.
3. If I tweeted something that was unfair/biased (I know some don't like that concept anymore), or I wrote a story that was unfair, the public finds out about it and can hold me accountable. That can't happen with the job Sarah has been hired for..
4. That's why when people, including close friends of mine, bring up examples like Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, Tim Russert, Jim Sciutto, and George Stephanopoulos, I get frustrated because all of these people are on camera or have their bylines on stories.
5. While Sarah will occasionally appear on camera, most of her work will be behind the scenes. How will the public ever know what she's doing? Sure if you know her you can say you trust her, but its important that everyone have the opportunity to examine her work.
6. Why is this important? Because some folks get concerned about political agendas, they wonder if you're using the powerful position of a reporter because you have an axe to grind. Some have said that people who complain she has no experience as a journalist are being elitist
7. Fewer people would be complaining about the issue of experience if she weren't in a managerial role. But she's going to a position that truly requires some experience. And Sarah hasn't gone through the process of proving herself to skeptics. It's an important process!
8. For example, using the example of George Stephanopolous, he started out as an analyst at ABC and then transitioned over to anchoring, moderating etc. If she had joined CNN as an analyst and then started doing reported pieces after a while that would make sense.
9. But she's going straight in as a boss. I couldn't have imagined doing that when I started. Also this isn't a one size fits all situation here. You can't just have everyone who previously worked in politics go through the same process.
10. Sarah is transitioning from a highly contentious and controversial office/administration. You can't just put someone like that in a managerial role. I wouldn't have dreamed of becoming a California politics editor for example.
11. A key concern I have is she will find out about sourcing. This is and should be nerve wracking for many folks. When reporters write a story and have sources on background/OTR. There are only two people who learn about those sources: their editor and occasionally a lawyer
12. So when I write a story I only know about my sources. I only know about sources I have worked hard to get and bring to the table. Same for other reporters people have brought up like Jim Sciutto. Jim doesn't know who Jake Tappers sources are. You eat what you kill.
13. Sarah will be stepping into this role, where she comes from an office that was at the center of so many controversies in the administration, and she gets to learn about many peoples sources. She gets that privilege without proving to the public that she is to be trusted
14. The question I have is what is the obsession with elevating her right away. Even after public outcry, why not have her be just an analyst and work her way to reported pieces. There are so many talented editors out there, why does this have to happen now?
15. There's nothing wrong with people in politics transitioning to reporting. But we must prove to the public that we are earnest, we must earn their trust, and we have to prove we're in it for the right reasons. Without transparency, why should the public trust Sarah?
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