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at140's Journal
at140's Journal
June 18, 2022

Scientists stunned to find polar bear group surviving without sea ice offering hope

Typically, polar bears range miles out to sea to hunt seals that live on sea ice. But a small population of bears in southeastern Greenland have adapted to life in a slushy area with freshwater ice.

Some polar bears in Greenland have adapted to life without sea ice–which they typically depend on for hunting–raising hopes for the species’ survival in a warming world

Polar Bears Surprise Researchers by Adapting to Life Without Sea Ice
The animals in Greenland shows the species’ resilience as the climate warms, but some scientists warn that polar bears elsewhere might struggle to survive on freshwater ice.

Polar bears have been struggling as the climate warms and Arctic sea ice melts, but scientists have discovered a group of bears in southeastern Greenland that have adapted to life without sea ice by hunting on glacier ice.


May 8, 2022

If these numbers are true, global warming here we come!

How many coal fired power plants are there in the world today?

The EU has 468 - building 27 more... Total 495

Turkey has 56 - building 93 more... Total 149

South Africa has 79 - building 24 more... Total 103

India has 589 - building 446 more... Total 1035

Philippines has 19 - building 60 more... Total 79

South Korea has 58 - building 26 more... Total 84

Japan has 90 - building 45 more... Total 135

China has 2,363 - building 1,171 more... Total = 3,534

That’s 5,615 projected coal powered plants in just 8 countries.

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