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Gender: Male
Hometown: Poulsbo WA
Home country: United States
Current location: Poulsbo
Member since: Sun Aug 26, 2018, 11:47 AM
Number of posts: 1,307

Journal Archives

Be careful out there! Or.... be very lucky out there.

Does this look like a disaster?

"In what can only be described as a miracle, a driver is heading home with minor injuries after surviving a collision with a semi-truck near Mount Vernon, Washington.
Washington State Patrol Trooper Rocky Oliphant said the car – apparently this was once a Nissan Altima – was struck from behind by the truck, folded it in half, and then rolled on top of the car, crushing the vehicle, on the I-5., in Skagit County, WA."


"Dexter" fans will get it....

(Mods: I'm currently in FB prison for a week for getting snippy about the Rittenhouse verdict. If this violates DU "community standards", just let me know and I'll pull it. I don't want banned for having bad taste.)

A hypothetical question:

A black men - armed with an AR-15s - attends a MAGA rally, and is attacked. Could he open up and kill a few people in "self defense" and be found not guilty in a court?

Verrrry interesting.... vaccinated people die less of OTHER causes, too....

"CDC data show that people vaccinated with the Pfizer or Moderna covid-19 jabs are one-third as likely to die of other causes too."
"The CDC’s study started with the health records of more than 11million Americans. Researchers followed these people from December 2020 to July 2021, recording any deaths and their causes. During this period around 6million people in the cohort received jabs for covid-19. The researchers could then separate those who happened to die after having had their vaccinations from those who died unvaccinated."
"The report showed that, after removing any deaths associated with covid-19, and controlling for demographic factors such as age and sex, people who had been jabbed were far likelier to have survived."
"For the unvaccinated, the mortality rate was more than three times as high, at 1.11 per 100 person-years. The pattern held across all races and ethnicities."
"This is not the first time scientists have found that vaccines designed to prevent one disease would seem to protect against other causes of death. Even though seasonal influenza is only responsible for around 5% of winter mortality, several large-cohort studies have found that the mortality rate due to any cause is around 50% lower in people who have been vaccinated against flu."
"real-world data is never perfectly controlled. It seems all but certain that some still-invisible difference between people who get the vaccine and those who do not, rather than some unknown benefit of the jab, is to thank (or blame) for the vaccine’s correlative effects. Jabs are not immunizations against mortality.”


Is it OK to shamelessly plug a media source here on DU?

I'll try....
There is a very liberal - and very funny - monthly tabloid that more DUers should get.
"Funny Times"

Mailed by USPS, and for us ancient "dead trees" readers, it takes the place of the morning paper full of vapid local news and centrist/conservative opinion.
NOT available in digital form. Ya gotta actually hold the paper!
Witty cartoons... funny writing...News of the Weird... all from a liberal POV.
And antidote to the CNN/MSNBC/MSM drumbeat.

Small circulation, but it should be much bigger.

Check it out...

Got my Moderna booster...

... at Safeway today.
A fucking grocery store. Oh, they had qualified people and all, and I AM grateful, but it made me think about a magical world where we had a national health service like the rest of the civilized world, and we got our shots with no muss, no fuss, and from a large number of locations. All without involving grocery stores and drug stores. A magical world where anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, and other assorted whackjobs were relegated to the fringe of society, and ostracized for their bone-headedness.

A guy can dream...

I don't follow football...college or professional...so I don't have a dog in this fight.

Washington State U football coach Nick Rolovich was fired from his $3 Million per year job for not getting his Covid vaccination. And he has a 5 year contract. $15 Million.....
Rolovich is the highest paid public employee in the state.
He claims a religious exemption, and he's suing because he didn't get that religious exemption.
He's Catholic. The Pope has encouraged people to get the shot, calling it an "act of love... love for oneself, love for our families and friends, and love for all peoples."

Just because you are a hotshot coach and make $3 Million a year doesn't mean you aren't a dumbshit.

I'm not a slow person... but I've been busy...

I just internalized the idea that if the Repubs take back the House in 2022, ANY investigation of trump or 6 January will not only stop.... the records and documents will be shredded. I'm sure I had the thought, but I hadn't focused on it before.

This country is hanging by a thread.

We HAVE to retain control of the House...at least.

The gerrymandering and voter suppression is getting feverish...
And Pres. Biden's approval rating is down.... for NO reason that I can determine.
It is hard to run a country on lies, which is why the Repubs do such a shitty job of it.
And the Republican lie machine is working overtime.

Feral pigs...

I know this isn't the lounge, but I'm hoping somebody has some information.

I know the feral hog problem is acute in some areas...thousands and thousands of them ripping up crops and pastureland.

Youtube has many videos of guys with rifles equipped with night sights killing hundreds of them. I understand the necessity to do something, but I'm wondering if there is any facility...or plans for a facility...to take live-captured hogs and feed them up on good food for a short time, a few (I'm sorry) antibiotics, and slaughter them for human food.

It seems like a waste to just shoot them and let them rot...or to drastically increase the coyote population.

I raised hogs in a limited fashion for years, so I know there would be difficulties to overcome, but.. if one hog weighs 200 lbs, and you shoot 100 in one night... that's a lot of meat going to waste.

THIS is what women in Murika are up against.

I dipped my toe over in cesspool that is my favorite (?) rightwing discussion board. You know it... it's the one that's "Free"..
I stumbled on this gem...
Verbatim... just as posted:

"why are so many women liberal/socialist/communist?
2021-09-02 | steveh
- - - - -
why are so many women evolutionarily inclined to be liberal/socialist/communist/fascist?
my observation is that many more women than men seem to fit these categories, which imho differ only in degree.
my own conjecture:
women have been evolved to submit to the force and power of authority. in prehistory, women, having generally less strength and less weight than men, have taken follower social status as the primary way in which both they and their offspring maximize their survival and reproduction chances.
the us constitution upholds minimal government. minimal government is antithetical to maximum force and maximum power.
thus, the us constitution is often belittled as "unimportant" "irrelevant" "wrong" or "patriarchical" by many women.
many ancient cultures apparently implicitly understood this and thus usually did not give women any chance to assume a position of ruling a group.
one of the few ancient cultures that survives is islam. islam does not seem to offer women any leadership roles or any rights equal to those of males. yet, many women support islam, even while asserting feminist ideology.
the evolutionary attraction of women to force and power is the only explanation that i can come up with that resolves the dichotomy of women supporting a culture which denies womens' rights.
by allowing women equal or better political power, therefore, it could be construed as opening the gates of modern civilization to the islamic, socialist, or communist strains of cultural barbarianism.
i am not certain whether a solution exists, but perhaps someone should find a solution quickly, before modern civilization is overrun.
before the 19th amendment passed, the destructive effect of women on modern civilization was not a significant problem.
what am i missing?"
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