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Gender: Male
Hometown: Poulsbo WA
Home country: United States
Current location: Poulsbo
Member since: Sun Aug 26, 2018, 11:47 AM
Number of posts: 1,895

Journal Archives

THIS is what women in Murika are up against.

I dipped my toe over in cesspool that is my favorite (?) rightwing discussion board. You know it... it's the one that's "Free"..
I stumbled on this gem...
Verbatim... just as posted:

"why are so many women liberal/socialist/communist?
2021-09-02 | steveh
- - - - -
why are so many women evolutionarily inclined to be liberal/socialist/communist/fascist?
my observation is that many more women than men seem to fit these categories, which imho differ only in degree.
my own conjecture:
women have been evolved to submit to the force and power of authority. in prehistory, women, having generally less strength and less weight than men, have taken follower social status as the primary way in which both they and their offspring maximize their survival and reproduction chances.
the us constitution upholds minimal government. minimal government is antithetical to maximum force and maximum power.
thus, the us constitution is often belittled as "unimportant" "irrelevant" "wrong" or "patriarchical" by many women.
many ancient cultures apparently implicitly understood this and thus usually did not give women any chance to assume a position of ruling a group.
one of the few ancient cultures that survives is islam. islam does not seem to offer women any leadership roles or any rights equal to those of males. yet, many women support islam, even while asserting feminist ideology.
the evolutionary attraction of women to force and power is the only explanation that i can come up with that resolves the dichotomy of women supporting a culture which denies womens' rights.
by allowing women equal or better political power, therefore, it could be construed as opening the gates of modern civilization to the islamic, socialist, or communist strains of cultural barbarianism.
i am not certain whether a solution exists, but perhaps someone should find a solution quickly, before modern civilization is overrun.
before the 19th amendment passed, the destructive effect of women on modern civilization was not a significant problem.
what am i missing?"

Just watched a video about Katherine Gun... the Iraq war whistleblower...

... and got really depressed. She leaked info that made it clear the Iraq war was illegal. And the case against her was dismissed.

Why am I depressed then?
Because NONE of the goddam war criminals involved in that clusterfuck was ever indicted, tried, and convicted, that's why.

Now I'm REALLY depressed. If those war criminals got away with it, what are chances that the entire trump crime family will get away with their crimes?

This country just simply put Bush - and everything he did - behind us. What keeps that from happening with trump? "For the sake of the country, we just have to move on and not dwell in the past."


Censorship doesn't work...

I was out in the truck and foolishly switched to the RWNJ station for about 2 minutes. Dan Bondino (sp?) - Rush's replacement - was ranting on about how Covid is just an excuse for control by the liberals. He said the Covid fatality rate is .008, and all kinds of other crazy shit. Free-dumb!!

I know that all that "free speech" stuff is important, but .... JHC.... the man is killing people with his lies!

DU lawyers:... Can that asshole be sued? Class action? Something?

Remember this ... from 6 January...?

This line of guys dressed in tactical gear going up the Capitol steps sure looked like an assault team to me. Hands on shoulders, moving purposefully thru the crowd...

Before this scene disappears down the memory hole, had anybody heard anything more about this?

I'm having a crisis of conscience....

I want to support journalism...I want to support local journalism. I subscribe to the Seattle Times, the NYTimes, Boston Globe, LATimes... and several others.
I also subscribe to our very local paper... a weekly of about 10 pages. Local stories and local sports and some ads for local establishments.
And an opinion page.
Today's paper has an op-ed by Ronnie Raygun's evil spawn Michael Reagan... "Now, finally, everyone knows COVID started in an unsafe lab in China." JHFC!
And... another by Christine Flowers.... the radio screamer and fired Philadelphia Inquirer writer.... "Abortion decision should be left up to the states."

Oh... they had another op-ed supporting Critical Race education. "Balance"...I guess.

My crisis comes in supporting a media outlet that even allows that kind of shit to be published. Since there is nothing comparable to that kind of fringe stuff in mainstream left media, and nobody compared to the screamers like Reagan, balance is impossible.
I'm thinking of cancelling my subscription. That, of course, is just another nail in the coffin of the local press. But is this local press worth saving?
Any ideas?

"Skeet Shooting in Israel"...

That's the name of a short video somebody sent me. It features the Israeli "Iron Dome" defense system in action.
I think he got it from the Horowitz site, but I really don't care.

I have a technical question....

The video shows a hose-like stream of projectiles going after several different rockets. Thousands of rounds. Those things are 6 inches in diameter.

What happens to those rounds that miss? Where are they falling?
Anybody know?

OK.. bear in mind that I am a confirmed cynic...

But I got a little misty-eyed just now.
Pres. Biden was awarding a MOH to a Korean War hero, and the old gentleman seemed a little rocky on his feet.
Biden took his arm and whispered (I read his lips) "You can hold me up."
Damn... what a class act we have for President!
The man is a mensch!
I know I'll be pissed at him about policy from time to time, but I will never forget his humanity. And we NEED that about now.

Facebook may let trump back on that platform....

What should I/we do to "welcome" him back?

I was driving to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned today...

...and turned my local AM rightwing radio to see what's up with the nutballs.
Couldn't stand it for more than about a minute, but during that time, the local screamer said:
1) Masks are ineffective. Several times. A hundred years of data says so.
2) The vaccines are ineffective and dangerous... a plot to make money for Big Pharma.
3) The Covid body count is inflated. Maybe 100,000 dead, but probably not even that many.
4) This whole pandemic response is just a worldwide attempt at controlling people. and taking their freedom.
5) We can't trust ANYthing the government tells us about this whole thing. Especially Dr. Fauci. He's making money from the vaccines.

My question: At what point does "free speech" become "yelling fire in a crowded theater"? At what point does this kind of damaging mis-information become too much for our country to bear?

Mini-rant... 538 has Biden at 53.6% approval.... 39.6% disapproval....

Fucking Rasmussen has 47% approval... 51% disapproval.

A Marist/NPR poll shows 84% of Repubs disapprove of the job Biden is doing.

WTAF is wrong with people? (That's a rhetorical question...I KNOW what's wrong with those people.)
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