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Gender: Male
Hometown: Poulsbo WA
Home country: United States
Current location: Poulsbo
Member since: Sun Aug 26, 2018, 12:47 PM
Number of posts: 2,065

Journal Archives

Where oh where can trump find his rewards for all his hard work....

...when the indictments start to pile up?

Luckily, he has an old friend to fall back on.

Can't find the password for my macmail

.... only the dots. Any way to find out?
It's not on the Keychain.
Are they stored somewhere? I have an extensive list of passwords on an encrypted file, but that Mail account is so old that the password got overlooked.

My Mail program at xfinity must have been hijacked and stuff bounces off the macmail application saying it can't send because it can't find an address I have never seen before.

I now speak fluent Filipino and Hindi... to no avail.

Advice needed:Time to replace my natural gas furnace. Should I get a heat pump instead?

I live in Kitsap county.... 1200 sq ft, one story home.
I have gas water heater and fireplace.
Before I call a dealer, I thought I'd look for some DUers with experience and/or expertise.

Yes.. I know it was Bernie's project...

But Biden was the guy who got the insulin price dropped.
Bernie ... or Biden... doesn't make a difference to the poor people who need the stuff. The price is down, and the Dems did it. The Repubs fought it every inch of the way.

My (rhetorical) question is:
How can anybody depending on insulin... or the families of people depending on insulin... vote for a Republican?

WTF is wrong with people?

Help me out with some DU snark...

A poster in a local chat room posted this:

"I believe our country would be best served if we steered clear of both, Biden AND Trump."

So far, I have "Because they both led insurrections? They both have countless court cases pending against them?... including sex offenses."

Help me out... I have a tight schedule but don't want to let this slide.

I've lived thru a lot of SOTUs...

...and I don't remember any Dem cat-calling a President during the SOTU address.
If anybody knows of an incidence, please let me know.

I turned on MSNBC just now...to check on the daily shootings...

Instead, I got an NBC poll that people are unhappy with Biden, country headed the wrong way, etc, etc...

WTF do people WANT, anyway?

I can't EVEN follow the Biden documents story..

It makes me gag.

The "bothsides" idiots are encouraged.

The "all politics is dirty" idiots are encouraged.

The RWNJ's are further emboldened.

Gym Jordan has an erection that would cut diamonds.

I've been to war, lived thru some bad times, followed politics since Ike... but this time, I can't even watch.

(It goes without saying that Biden did nothing worth 1/1000th of the kerfuffle.)

Where can I sell old computers?

I see some sites online, but I dunno if they'd take mine.

One Mac Classic, with keyboard and mouse. Does not boot. Youtube tells me how to fix it, but I don't want to invest the time.

One Imac... the one with the screen mounted on half a globe. Does not boot.

Or should I just recycle them?

Today, Karl Rove - Republican patron saint of dirty politics - ...

... said today that this House clusterfuck is a "disaster" for the Repubs.
Lying MoFo! He loves chaos. It's the perfect cover for Repub dirty tricks.
They have no Plan, no Platform, no Future....
Ol' Karl thinks we've forgotten his quote...which he stole from Sun Tzu...
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