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Member since: Sun Sep 16, 2018, 06:48 PM
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Very good article on what the vaccine might look like and timeline

An idea of whats going on with the vaccine and when we can expect it


Tenino washington keeps the town alive by prining its own currency.. what a cool idea!!

If the money changes hands a lot then many people stay employed. Pretty cool!! keep the money within the group.


what's the best way to get a letter to Joe Biden's group right now

I wonder if anyone knows of a good place to get to real Joe Biden policymakers. Like the email place or a physical address.

The negativity campaign against Biden is starting. Don't believe everything you read.


You can read this if you want. this is just a flat out lie probably. And republicans don't think that democracy is in trouble.

Stay safe and try to stay balanced. This isn't free speech. These are lies to distract.


I came up with this talking point while answering the question how are Democrats going to be able to win back the presidency.

I live in one of the counties in California that first enabled social distancing almost three weeks ago. I remember listening to Gavin Newsome giving a speech on the AM radio on a Sunday afternoon in my car and thinking "Wow" this is no BS. Most of the non essential businesses shut down within a couple of days.

Keeping the curve flatter is the best approach we have for this. Not what we would like to be doing but it's the right thing to do.

There was a thread that showed all of our cool democratic leaders over the years.

It had pictures of Bobbie Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. It helped me feel good about my party again and emphasized that we really are the better group. Can someone point it out again?
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