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Member since: Thu Sep 20, 2018, 09:12 PM
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Sen. Kamala Harris calls on Congress to take steps toward Trump impeachment

White House hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., says she supports the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

“I believe Congress should take the steps toward impeachment,” Harris said in response to a question at a CNN town hall in New Hampshire.

Last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., became the first 2020 presidential candidate to call on the House to begin impeachment proceedings.

Harris said she’s “a realist” and recognizes the Democratic-controlled House probably will look at the impeachment issue differently than the GOP-led Senate.


It is great to have members of congress stating this. Support from Senators is important.

I also like Buttigiegs answer. I think it's appropriate.

Sanders Institute Fellow uses a twitter handle as a news source, attacks Buttigieg.

Also a board member of Our Revolution.


List of Sanders Institute Fellows


President Obama: "Above all I searched for a leader who was ready to step in and be President."

”For months I have searched for a leader to finish this journey beside me. To join in helping me make Washington work for the American people. A search for a leader who understands the rising costs confronting working people. Who will always put their dreams first. A leader who sees clearly the challenges facing America in a changing world with our security and standing set back by eight years of a failed foreign policy. A leader who shares my vision of an open government that calls all citizens... Democrats, Republicans and Independents to a common purpose. Above all I searched for a leader who was ready to step in and be President. Today, I have come back to Springfield, to tell you that I have found that leader. A man with a distinguished record. A man with fundamental decency. And that man is Joe Biden.”

Barr is acting more like Trump's defense attorney than the nation's Attorney General.



Marianne Williamson: "The evolution from what do I want...."

"To what do we need."

"Our species is adapting in maladaptive ways."

"The love that will change the world is not that of the love for our own children, it is because of our love for the children on the other side of town."

She talks about how many people in her own field don't vote. She says they get no pass. She says they are the last people who should be standing on the sidelines. She really hits them hard and tells them why they have to be all in. I love this. She is talking about her own industry and directly talks to them about their responsibility to vote. She didn't mention herself once in that segment.

Williamson might not be leading the country, but I respect how she is working to lead a group of her followers, peers, and colleagues.

I won't be voting for her. I will embrace her as a fighter of the good fight.

See Her Platform Here

Kamala Harris - Our America

Transcript of Senator Kamala Harris’ launch speech in Oakland, California.

I am so proud to be a daughter of Oakland, California. And as most of you know, I was born just up the road at Kaiser Hospital. And it was just a few miles away my parents first met as graduate students at UC Berkeley where they were active in the civil rights movement.

They were born half a world apart from each other. My father, Donald, came from Jamaica to study economics. My mother, Shyamala, came from India to study the science of fighting disease.

They came here in pursuit of more than just knowledge. Like so many others, they came in pursuit of a dream. And that dream was a dream for themselves, for me and for my sister Maya.

As children growing up here in the East Bay, we were raised by a community with a deep belief in the promise of our country — and, a deep understanding of the parts of that promise that still remain unfulfilled.

We were raised in a community where we were taught to see a world, beyond just ourselves. To be conscious and compassionate about the struggles of all people.

We were raised to believe public service is a noble cause and the fight for justice is everyone’s responsibility.

In fact, my mother used to say “don’t sit around and complain about things, do something.” Basically I think she was saying. You’ve got to get up and stand up and don’t give up the fight!

And it is this deep-rooted belief that inspired me to become a lawyer and a prosecutor.

It was just a couple blocks from this very spot that nearly 30 years ago as a young district attorney I walked into the courtroom for the very first time and said the five words that would guide my life’s work:

“Kamala Harris, for the people.”

Now, I knew our criminal justice system was deeply flawed.

But I also knew the profound impact law enforcement has on people’s lives, and it’s responsibility to give them safety and dignity.

I knew I wanted to protect people.

And I knew that the people in our society who are most often targeted by predators are also most often the voiceless and vulnerable.

And I believed then as I do now, that no one should be left to fight alone.

Read The Rest Here: Click On The Donate Link While You Are At It

Brains, brio, beauty -- and wounded feelings

They both have glamour, brains and determination -- they even travel in the same tight-knit San Francisco social circle -- but don't look for district attorney hopeful Kamala Harris to get a job reference from former office mate Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom anytime soon.

Because behind the smiles, Guilfoyle Newsom -- the network TV analyst and wife of mayoral front-runner Gavin Newsom -- is still smarting from what she says was the frosty and underhanded treatment she got from Harris when she was making a bid to return to the D.A.'s office a couple of years back.

"The bottom line is she didn't want me there," Guilfoyle Newsom tells us.

The back story -- as they say in Hollywood -- begins in 1996 when freshly elected District Attorney Terence Hallinan swept house at the Hall of Justice, and in the process sent the young and green Guilfoyle packing. She landed in the Los Angeles D.A.'s office.

SF Gate

Politics behind the scene. Good intuition.

Kimberly Guilfoyle was once half of a liberal power couple. Now she’s basically a Trump.

Washington Post

The group polling above five percent in the latest Morning Consult poll.

Joe Biden - 8% No Opinion - Polling At 31%
Bernie Sanders - 8% No Opinion - Polling At 23%
Kamala Harris - 18% No Opinion 21% Never Heard Of - Polling At 9%
Beto O'Rourke - 18% No Opinion 23% Never Heard Of - Polling At 8%
Pete Buttigieg - 18% No Opinion 44% Never Heard Of - Polling At 7%

Elizabeth Warren - 15% No Opinion 11% Never Heard Of - Polling At 7%

The three highlighted are really looking good considering their lack of name recognition.

Morning Consult

At the link you can also toggle between "Democratic Primary Voters" and "Early Primary State Voters."

D.A. won't pursue death in cop slaying / Harris fulfills campaign pledge with decision

April 14, 2004

San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris said Tuesday she will not seek the death penalty against a man accused of killing a San Francisco police officer over the weekend, a decision that legal experts say is rare if not unprecedented in California.

Instead, Harris said she will charge David Hill, 21, with crimes that could send him to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Hill is suspected of killing Officer Isaac Espinoza, 29, with an assault weapon and wounding his partner, Officer Barry Parker, 38.

SF Gate

Harris pledged during her campaign in the previous year that she would not seek capital punishment.

End the death penalty.

Three historically black churches have burned in recent weeks.


Hilary Clinton: As we hold Paris in our thoughts today, let’s also send some love to our neighbors in Louisiana. Three historically black churches have burned in recent weeks, charring buildings and scattering communities. If you can, contribute to rebuilding funds here:


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