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Member since: Sun Sep 23, 2018, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,006

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does anyine work the daily jumble?

today's answer dealt with presidential pets. the first cats to live in the white house were tabby and dixie. their human said "dixie is smarter than my whole cabinet."

who was he?

bonus. those were not actually the first cats to live in the white house. which president was really the first to have felines in the white house?

iowa caucus

probably too late for 2020, but by 2024 can we please replace the caucuses with primaries.

this is an anachronism that does not seem effective in the 21st century.

i'm not buying any conspiracy theories about why the software did not work properly. the system was probably tested without the hundreds of calls that hit last night and experienced an overload.

but, between the aca roll out software, the e mail hacks, and now this, how can the voters have confidence that we can govern in a digital world.

bloomberg : 2004 republican national convention


mostly "new York is back from 9/11" and local boosterism.

Bloomberg : 2016 democratic national convention

a little trump bashing and a lot of bipartisanship.

checks and balances

congress can no longer exercise any kind of oversight. only one control remains on the president.

we might have to shut down agencies that do not comply with subpoenas. no funding until they provide witnesses and documents.

i'd start by auditing the president's, and his family's, travel expenses.

like it or not we may be stuck with this guy for another term, and it is long past time to bring him to heel.

now we have to get the sucker to take the stand in his own defense

and get him to flail wildly.

please let trump testify at his impeachment

I would love to see the buffoon break down under oath.


beating 'bama is such a rare and wonderful event!

the incorruptable saints

we had a thread yesterday about st Theresa, in which I realized that three saints by that name are incorruptible. st Theresa of lissoux ("the little flower", my grandmother's favorite, did not even make this list


in fact, this miracle(?) phenomenon(?) while far from common, there are more incorruptables than I had thought possible.

st Cecelia, a 2nd century roman martyr, appears to be rxtant after all these years.

an English king (Edward the confessor) is incorruptible.

st veronica was finally immersed in a flood, and reduced to bones, except for her heart which remains incorruptible.

has anyone seen one of these miracles? are all the incorruptables catholic or do other cultures produce examples. is this truly a miracle or can science explain?

ransomware attack on louisiana state computers

I need more info but the governor said that the cybersecurity team is on top of ot and that it should not effect the election results.

ransom amount was not mentioned.

congratulations gov john bel edwards

50%-50% but most of the precincts which have not reported are in orleans and east baton rouge, so I am confident that I can now relax for the 1st time in months.
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