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Member since: Sun Sep 23, 2018, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,006

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trump chose to ride this tiger

of right wing paranoia and conspiracy theory. (i can't call it populism, because i am a populist. note the huey long quote in my sig line.)

is there any indication that trump has the courage to dismount? or that his cult will just let him walk away?

the high cost of illegal immigration

i have always been skeptical of the tremendous cost reported by the states for the education, health care, foosd stamps, and what not that it costs to support the undocumented workers and their families.

is it unreasonable to expect the employers of these immigrants to pay local and state taxes high enough to cover the services used by their undocumented employees?

learning to read in the 1950s and 1960s

of course i learned phonics, and i want to hear that kids still learn their abcs and the sounds that the letters represent.

then, after dick and jane, we read little paragraphs or stories from a box of cards, color coded for difficulty. i think this was "sra." there is a little information on the internet. the boxes of cards are available on e bay.

but what i really want to know, is the system that projected short stories and paragraphs onto a screen, at varying and increasing speed, and then asked comprehension questions. what was this system called? is something similar still used?


in the rwnj propaganda antifa is a powerful army of soros funded militants ready to stop peacful conservatives from speaking and peaceably exercising their "natural right" to open carry and protect their precious confederate statues. .

on the other hand, in the same rwnj propaganda, antifa is a rabble of pajama clad "soi bois" barely strong enough to swing a bicycle lock (antifa's favorite weapon?)

i suppose antifa actually exists, but how organized is it?

have you ever joined a black bloc?

do you think that actions bordering on violence or vandalism are helpful to the peaceful nonviolent goals of most protests?

how much of the trouble blamed on peaceful protests are caused by agents provacateurs, within a black bloc or among less strident protesters?

how much of the stock market is a ponzi scheme?

now much is insider trading? how much manipulation or just old fashioned salesmanship? how much is fraud perpetrated by and upon fund managers?

how much has anything to do with the stated purpose of providing capital to allow production of products and services to meet consumer demand?

do you think that retired americans can depend upon stock based investments to replace social security.

do we have a "conspiracy theory forum?"

trump says that soros owes me a few checks and i need to know how to get my money. does anyone have soros' number?

"no one could pay me enough to protest against something i like" rampartc

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