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Member since: Sun Sep 23, 2018, 11:57 AM
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repeal the patriot act

this bill may have seemed necessary in the wake of 9/11, but so did the war. let us repeal this as well as the authorizations to use force.


"1776" history project :"cultural marxism?"

what is trump talking about? critical race theory? cultural marxism? if the history professors at auburn had any kind of liberal bias it didn't help me too much.

anyway, i went down this rathole last night and it leads to the usual places, but i'll limit this thread to "cultural marxism."


it seems too many rational people correctly identify their "political correctness" as common courtesy. their rebranding solution : "cultural marxism."

the agenda of the "cultural marxists is ......

Codification of hate crimes
Causing constant social changes to provoke confusion
Teaching children sex and homosexuality
Weakening the authority of schools and teachers
Mass immigration to destroy national identity
Promoting alcoholism
Reducing church attendance
Weakening the legal system and causing it to be biased against crime victims
Making people dependent on the state or welfare
Controlling the media
Encouraging family breakdown

of course, each of these items has its own rathole, but in whole and in part this business is another strawman the rwnjs have created to make us look like crazy commies out to grab their guns and force them to evolve.

who nominated and seconded biden last night?

who nominated bernie?

of course aoc seconded bernie (the entire media seems to have gotten that part wrong

louisiansa state legislature moves to strip governor's emergency powers

i hope these regressive jerks know what they are doing.


"Louisiana’s governor could be temporarily stripped of his power to declare a public health emergency under a measure filed Monday by the Republican leader of the state House of Representatives.

Rep. Blake Miguez is among the GOP legislators who criticized Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) for extending a statewide stay-at-home order through May 15. He filed a resolution (HCR 58) that would suspend Edwards’ authority to declare an emergency related to Covid-19 for 15 days."

just thinking about birds ......

how is it we are here?


trump's daily televised campaign rally

we really need to do a daily democratic response.

a different governor or congreasscritter each day, with real doctors and economists, to call out the bull shit and point the direction a real country would be going.

trump signing statement : what oversight?


" President Donald Trump used a relatively rare signing statement Friday to object to portions of the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus law, potentially opening a new front with Democrats on the oversight of how that money is spent.

Trump said he would ignore portions of the law demanded by some Democrats to give Congress additional visibility into the stimulus spending, arguing that those requirements would infringe on the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution. "

in case you missed it, we just gave this azzwhole $2T (or maybe $6T) that he intends to use to reward his friends and punish the people that his paranoid delusions consider to be his "enemies."

dyson (vacuum cleaners) making new ventilators

looks like they are needed in the uk and elsewhere, and nothing on the cost, but compare to general motors "hundreds of millions" to retool.

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