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The point missed by many is this kid had a cop complex,because of a perceived intervention/diversion

Im not sure if there is a father in the picture, the details of the mothers interaction with him suggest she was more buddy than parent

Incorrect Information: and that resulted in several incidence with police intervention, unruly, disturbing the peace at 13-14 and pot possession and paraphernalia at 15-16.

The record may be incorrect, see thread post #8 below, The premise below of outcome and influences still stands

In the midwest, for the last 60 or so years, it is not uncommon for these types of youths (white low to middle class early offenders) to be directed into ROTC or Police cadet programs or military school systems.

The thought is to introduce structure into unstructured lives. To bend the wills of these unruly children towards the rule of law, but the truth of the matter is the outcome has been the opposite and a large part of our current woes. Introducing bad seeds to these programs has often given them just enough knowledge to hide their dysfunction, to mask themselves into upstanding citizens who often use these interventions to follow careers into law enforcement.

Kyle Rittenhouse is not the exception, but the demonstration that it is not unruly children bending to structure and compliance, but unruly children bending law to become unstructured and undisciplined.

He had just such an intervention, there are pictures posted on social media, from his mother, of him in a police cadet uniform. His social media was pro cop, because he was immersed in the culture to give him structure, but all it did was feed an unruly child another tool of the broken police culture.

Policing is no longer the structure of protect and serve the people, but blood for treasure, and thats exactly what this man child walked away with, and then did as he was programmed to do, dehumanize the "other", venerate with gun comes power, and raise treasure and property above human life.

These unruly children of the last 60 years werent taught to be upstanding citizens by law and order molding them, they in fact have bent the will of the police culture, and are literally the bad seeds of our broken police forces.

Trump says U.S. will make 100,000 ventilators

Trump says U.S. will make 100,000 ventilators, "We're going to make a lot of ventilators," Trump said, pledging to take care of U.S. needs while also helping other countries.

Trump has cast doubt on Cuomo's projection that New York may need upward of 30,000 ventilators when coronavirus cases reach a peak.

"I think their estimates are high," Trump said Friday. "I hope they're high. They could be extremely high."

President Donald Trump invoked the Defense Production Act on Friday to require General Motors AND General Electric to produce more ventilators.

HE IS GOING TO USE THE DEFENSE PRODUCTION ACT TO FORCE AMERICAN COMPANIES TO PRODUCE VENTILATORS TO BE SOLD TO OTHER COUNTRIES and has said he doesnt believe one of Americas largest cities in crisis now, doesn't need many more.
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