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Profile Information

Name: PJ
Gender: Male
Hometown: Miscouche/PE/Canada
Home country: Canada
Current location: Canada
Member since: Wed Oct 10, 2018, 03:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,588

About Me

Moved to Canada just before COVID and haven't left. What a wonderful people and country.

Journal Archives

I guess Game isn't over... tRump is all Mueller on Twitter today...

tRumpy got his phone back, he's tweeting again... I hope he sees what Warren had to say...

What a good Friday...

I just changed my preference from undecided to Elizabeth Warren because...

I like her stated policies and how to achieve them. I immediately changed right now because she unequivocally has called to start impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump for receiving election assistance from Russia and not reporting it and then obstructing justice in trying to cover it up. This is the exact reason he should be impeached. It doesn't matter about collusion or conspiracy. He accepted known stolen assistance from a foreign adversary without reporting it to the FBI. He then went to extraordinary efforts to cover it up and is still covering it up to this day.

GO Elizabeth Warren!

Any guesses whose job it was to bust in on tRump on the toilet this morning and

grab his phone away from him to stop him in mid tweet like that? I didn't think there were that many adults left in the room to save him any more. Any guesses?

Interesting comments today... Don't bother to impeach, we'll vote him out, not many people care ...

about the Mueller report. Let's look at those separately.

"People" are saying don't impeach as it's too divisive, and it's a waste of time without the Senate. Well if they don't impeach, some people will never even bother to understand what this administration has done and how they didn't care how they won the Presidency, as long as they won.

Let's vote him out! That could happen, but there are a lot of disappointed people in the system that have just witnessed a lying reality star steal the White House and nobody did anything about it. They might not even bother to vote. Then there is the fact that the state legislatures and electoral college is already stacked in favor of the Republicans, so with a little last minute voter suppression, they could easily win again.

The third item is one that really jumped out at me. A DUer on here today remarked how they were amazed how the trending item on twitter had something to do with some song or something instead of all the commotion of our republic in turmoil, as not that many people, outside of us really care. Think about that. Think about our nation and think about how it was back in the Arab uprising when twitter was burning up.

Pretty sad...

CNN explains Barr giving White House advance copy of report. Barr can't get his counsels straight...

Seems that Barr says the reason that DOJ gets to see the Mueller report first and redact it is because in 1999 they did away with the Independent Counsel because of what Ken Starr did, and instituted the Special Counsel. However, Barr said he gave the White House the advanced copy of the Mueller report was because it was in the Ethics in Government Act covered in the Independent Counsel rules, which were done away with in 1999. Seems there were no such rules for a Special Counsel.

Barr just makes it up as he goes along. They really need to take that Honorable prefix off his nameplate the next time he testifies before Congress.

I sure hope Mark Warner makes a statement today... I'd sure like to hear his opinion on Burr...

I like Nicole Wallace and am glad she's on twice today, so there!!!

With the revelation of Burr playing Nunes on the Senate side, impeachment is off the table...

There are no honorable Republicans. It doesn't matter what tRump does. There is no way the Republicans will vote to impeach tRump or even take the impeachment proceedings seriously. They will make a farce out of the proceedings just as they are making out of all the hearings. These Republicans have no shame. tRump can shoot someone on 5th Avenue and they will still support him.

I've been all for impeachment until now. But since seeing in the Mueller report that Burr was a back channel to the White House and the Senate Intelligence Committee, with all the show of bipartisanship between Burr and Warner, I'm now against it. Burr has no honor.

The only thing that will take tRump down before the elections is for someone to find the pee tapes.

Wondering non-release of counter report is signal that it's inadequate and needs rework...

I would think it would be out by now or are they waiting to see what the media is trying to latch onto most? All that work for nothing? I don't think Barr did a very good job for them to let stand along with tRump's Game of Throne's tweet as their response. Interesting.
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