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Profile Information

Name: PJ
Gender: Male
Hometown: Miscouche/PE/Canada
Home country: Canada
Current location: Canada
Member since: Wed Oct 10, 2018, 03:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,588

About Me

Moved to Canada just before COVID and haven't left. What a wonderful people and country.

Journal Archives

Is tRump trying to incite violence against him?

It seems he's trying his hardest to make his enemies even more enraged so some idiot will try something stupid and he can point fingers at the "violent" left. He's just wishing for a chance to show there is "bad" people on both sides. I am proud that no one has done anything violent.

My God!!! tRump went Twitter crazy today! Something BIG must be coming. Please....

He's tweeting and retweeting and tweeting...he's gone absolutely mad trying to defend himself. They need to protect him before he hurts himself. If I did this they would surely come for me.

tRump sets new record!!! Doesn't tweet until 12 noon in honor of something we don't know about yet..

I can't believe he waited until after noon to tweet today... I wonder if he's sick? One can only hope, I guess.

Another question for all those who have picked a candidate?

How in the hell did you pick one so early? What criteria did you use?
Are you flexible to change?

Would the press please ask tRump if what happened in NZ was what he meant by very, very, bad?

Could it happen here?

Jim Acosta tweets that pResident tRump wants national TV to cover his VETO of the wall bill...

They better not do it... Fox will do it for sure, but I hope the other don't bother giving him the time to strut around to shove the Dems face in it.

Can someone post the Mueller gif asking tRump to stop breaking the law so he can finish his report?

I love that every time I see it...

If this Cindy Yang is linked to Chinese intelligence, do we have to open a whole new investigation?

or can they just run a fork off the Russian connection? Might as well throw in the Saudis while we're at it...

Judge tosses Stormy Daniels' lawsuit against Trump over hush money agreement

Source: CNN.com

(CNN)A lawsuit by adult film star Stormy Daniels against President Donald Trump over a non-disparagement agreement has been tossed out of federal court.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/07/politics/stormy-daniels-trump-hush-money/index.html

By dismissing the case, the judge essentially gave Daniels what she wanted all along -- to be able to tell her story without the fear of being sued for millions of dollars, Avenatti said.

If that's the case, can Stormy make a parody porn movies about her affair with tRump? Maybe she could get Alec Baldwin to play the part of tRump? She could get that Mario character (Toad) to play his member...

Ilhan Omar's critics have little to say about Jim Jordan's anti-Semitic tweet

It's all about the Party Baby...

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