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Member since: Wed Oct 10, 2018, 03:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,588

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Drive it home. If tRump was innocent, the Mueller report would have been released.

That is the only talking point that needs to be said. If tRump is innocent there is no excuse for hiding the report from members of Congress that are allowed to access classified materials. End of story.

How long can the # thing be on twitter? Why not try, #IfTrumpWasInnocentWeWouldHaveTheFullReport...

or something like that... I know it's not as good a 10 million person march on Washington, but that's how they do it now days, isn't it?

Release the unredacted Mueller Report to Congress now. The people can see it later...

Lindsey Graham probably already had a sneak peak at dinner the other night. Now the Republicans gather and plan for two weeks to a month what to redact and how to spin the redacted report. What to hide to make sure it ends in a long court fight. How to spread more propaganda of the Democrats being poor losers.

This is BS and a coverup. Release the god damn report.

Release the Kraken! ...er the Report!!!

We want the REPORT and we want it...

tRump, the music is over.

Damn!!! I missed the tRump interview on the Sean Hammity show...

Something up again? Twittler's not twittling... Cat's got his little paws???

Always makes me wonder when the Twittler isn't boasting about something...

How long is Alex Acosta going to be allowed to be given a pass? Can the press not multitask?

Seems they could keep the pressure on somebody to get that crooked bastard out. It's been ruled what he did was illiegal!

McConnell must answer about refusing to sign bipartisan statement condemning the Kremlin's role...

in hacking 2016 election. He has evaded the question long enough. This story is from 2/19/18, but still relevant today.


If the Steele Dossier started the FBI investigation into tRump and the Russians...

then John McCain on the advice of Lindsey Graham are the ones responsible for tipping off the FBI.

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