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EEEW! lmao Photoshops of Cheetolinis double chins

Sorry if this is old news. Just came across this in Bored Panda

When Trump Asked Not To Publish Unflattering Double Chin Pics, This Is How The Internet Responded

Here's one of them


Discarded Christmas trees used to restore creeks and streams, protect fish in Halton

Trees rebuild banks in creeks, streams in order to reduce warming of the water

Although the holidays are over, Conservation Halton is just beginning to stockpile hundreds of Christmas trees.

They're an important resource for restoration efforts in the region, with the conservation authority using the discarded trees to narrow over widened creeks and streams and, in turn, protect local wildlife

"With an over-widened creek, we have a greater surface area for the sun to warm up the water, and when this water is very, very warm, it's not habitable to sensitive species," said Kent Rundle, watershed stewardship co-ordinator with Conservation Halton.


"I'm not entirely sure how the concept came to be, but my guess would be imitating natural processes," Rundle said.

"Trees fall down into the creek all the time. They deflect flows and probably they were saying, 'Wow, sediment is naturally depositing here. We can mimic this.'"


Something postive! 'You can feel the love': Syrian who lived in airport on new life in Canada

Stranded in arrivals in Kuala Lumpur for eight months, Hassan al-Kontar was granted asylum to make Whistler his home


Kontar is now living with one of own his real-life heroes, Laurie Cooper, a media relations consultant from Whistler who, along with some friends, organised Kontar’s resettlement. Kontar even got his own version of a Hollywood ending to a story that has drawn multiple comparisons to Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal: his asylum papers came through just in time for Christmas.

He lives in a log cabin on the edge of the woods with Cooper, her family and their pets, and is treated as a minor celebrity whenever they go into town. “He’s been very warmly welcomed by the community here,” says Cooper. “We cannot walk around the village without people coming up to say hello, give him a hug, welcome him to Whistler, buy him a coffee or give him a high five.”

Kontar believes it is people like Cooper, who has helped with more than 30 refugee resettlements to Canada, who will turn things around in a world increasingly hostile to migrants and refugees. “When it comes to organisations, or the United Nations, or global systems, they have failed us – not only us as Syrians but the Yemeni, Iraqi, Rohingya, everyone who needs help,” Kontar says. “I’m trying to focus on the normal people who enjoy their normal lives from their normal living rooms. They can make a difference if they decide to: all we have to do is educate them, enlighten them about what is happening, and show them how they can help.”

Kontar points to his own story: despite his many international interviews from Kuala Lumpur airport, only one refugee lawyer volunteered to help with his case; in the end, it was the only one he needed. “If there’s anyone who’s willing to help anyone anywhere, please try to volunteer, try to help, try to do something,” he urges. “People read these stories [about migrants] and feel sad and then hesitate, but it’s not that difficult. You can do it. You can help.”


Photo of him and his "hero", Laurie Cooper


YAY! Great news! Saudi teen fleeing Saudi Arbia granted temporary admission to Thailand

Surachate Hakparn, Thailand’s immigration police chief, told reporters on Monday evening that Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun would be granted entry under the protection of the office of the UNHCR, which says it has been in touch with her. The UN agency is expected to take five to seven days to evaluate her case.


Please email the National Thai Refugee Committee, the Thai UNHCR and the Thai Foreign Minister to voice your concern.

Tourism is a major driver of the Thai economy so voices from abroad will be an important consideration.

Here's an email and email addresses I just sent . It can be copied and pasted

Dear Minister Pramudwinai

I'm writing to express my deep concern regarding the forced return of Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun to Saudi Arabia and want to thank Thai authorities for temporarily admitting her.

I respectfully request that Thai authorities halt any future deportation, and if she is not granted refugee status in Thailand then allow her to continue her travel to Australia

As stated by Michael Page, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch “Saudi women fleeing their families can face severe violence from relatives, deprivation of liberty, and other serious harm if returned against their will”

Sent to the following ,

minister@mfa.go.th (Pramudwinai, Thai foreign minister)

thaba@unhcr.org (the UNHCR in Thailand)

help@nhrc.or.th ( the National Thai Office for Refugees)

URGENT Tell Thailand Foreign Minister to STOP FORCED RETURN of teen girl to Saudi Arabia

Today on Jan 7 Thailand is going to force the return of a 17 yr old girl back Saudi Arabia despite her holding a valid visa. She is pleading for help as she faces being killed if sent back. She has done nothing wrong.

Below is the email I sent
to the Thai foreign minister, the UNHCR in Thailand, and the Thai Office for Refugees. Please consider doing likewise - you can just copy and paste. Please lend your support!

Here is Rahaf's story

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, 18, told Human Rights Watch that she arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok on the evening of January 5, 2019, en route from Kuwait to Australia, but was met by a representative of the Saudi embassy who seized her passport to prevent her from traveling to Australia. Saudi and Thai officials told her she would be forced to return to Kuwait on the morning of January 7, where her father and brother are awaiting her.


This evening, speaking from an airport hotel room guarded by security officials, she told MailOnline: ‘I am scared.

‘My brother told me that he’s waiting with some Saudi men.

'They will take me to Saudi Arabia and my father will kill me, because he is so angry.

'He will kill me. My family do this. I know them.

‘They kept telling me they will kill me if I do something wrong - they say that since I was a child.'


Dear Minister Pramudwinai

I'm writing to express my deep concern regarding the forced return of Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun to Saudi Arabia.

I respectfully request that Thai authorities immediately halt any deportation, and either allow her to continue her travel to Australia or permit her to remain in Thailand to seek protection as a refugee.

As stated by Michael Page, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch “Saudi women fleeing their families can face severe violence from relatives, deprivation of liberty, and other serious harm if returned against their will”

I call on your government to uphold Thailand’s commitments to protect Rahaf's right to seek protection as a refugee.

Sent to the following ,

minister@mfa.go.th (Pramudwinai, Thai foreign minister)

thaba@unhcr.org (the UNHCR in Thailand)

help@nhrc.or.th ( the National Thai Office for Refugees)

fyi emailed the foreign minister as I could not find email address to the PM

AMAZING variety of animals & fish cuddling hoomans

Who knew turkeys could be affectionate.

People need to take a deep breath before buying into crap about new Russian missiles

Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me. i remember clearly back in the 90s before the first Iraq invasion watching a story on 60 Minutes about a massive canon Iraq had developed that could lob missiles into Europe. Another show in the weeks that followed revealed the horrific and repressive conditions in Iraq. I bought into all that. I remember clearly believing that 60 Minutes was a reliable news source. I thought the US was right to invade Iraq. Yeah stupid me but I thought the misery endured by Iraqis under Saddam Hussein needed to end. Well I was wrong - wrong about 60 Minutes, wrong about the invasion and its purpose.

Fast forward to Hussein's weapons of mass destruction and how every media outlet glommed on to that unquestioningly, how Judith Miller at the NYT acted as the mouthpiece for those who pressed for war. I didn't buy into that but i did wonder at times if those who claimed this was baseless weren't taken in by the madman. Well we all now know the whole thing was hogwash.

The Military-Industrial Complex only has its own interests in mind and those interests are at odds with everyone who isn't part of it.

I don't know what Russia has but I do find it odd Putin releases this info now. I have wonder if he is trying to throw Trump a lifeline that is give Donnie a way to look tough with Russia. I find the timing strange. Just sayin.

Anyway everyone might want take a moment to listen to the advice of Pete Seeger, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee from 1963 to study war no more and talk to the Prince of Peace down by the riverside.

An amazing rendition

So with CIA and The State at odds about Khashoggi death which view

will prevail? Any ideas about whats happening behind the scene?

Will any charges be laid against Jacob Wohl for his attempt to smear Mueller?

Does he get a free pass? Who decides what will happen legally? I find this baffling.

With fire in the headlines, I suggest you do this NOW! Personal Story

This is absolutely the best advice I have and hope it gets passed along to as many people as possible.

My story is that I was making toast with melted cheese in a toaster oven. I left the kitchen in my apartment to get a towel from a linen closet just around the corner from the kitchen - I was away less than 2 minutes. When I came back to the kitchen I froze in my tracks because there was a roaring fire in the oven and flames were shooting up 18". What paralyzed me was seeing the flames just inches away from dried flowers on a shelf above the toaster oven. Disaster was effing imminent.

It was a matter of pure luck that a neighbour who recently moved left me among other things a large box of Baking Soda (something I normally don't have) so I grabbed it and opened the oven door and emptied the entire box.

The fire was successfully extinguished so my advice is to fill a container like a large yogurt container (something with a lid you easily rip off) with either 1 large box of Baking Soda or 2 regular size boxes, label it and leave it away from any stove and within easy reach like in a corner by the doorway. I would suggest doing that even if you have a fire extinguisher and I'll tell you why.

If I had had an extinguisher I think given my state of shock and paralysis that I would have fumbled and lost precious seconds trying to figured out how to use it. Those seconds matter. With the box of Baking Soda all I had to do was dump the contents it into the oven and that I could manage.

I think one has to take into account that one might freeze in panic when faced with an unexpected fire so one needs options - have an extinguisher but have the Baking Soda option as well.

What was shocking is that the fire happened so fast that the smoke detector didn't go off because there wasn't enough time for smoke to accumulate. Had I been gone one minute more the dried flowers probably would have caught fire and become a torch. If that had happened the whole kitchen would have been shortly engulfed in flames.

Scary stuff.

So fill a container now and set it aside. Having unopened boxes in the back of a shelf is not an option because seconds absolutely count.
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