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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

Journal Archives

Stay focused, Dems. Get that legislation going.

Do not lose the legislative agenda.

Lindsay Graham is unhinged. Bring it! Let's examine the Dossier closer. nt

The apparent results of Mueller's investigation is more personally serious than I imagined.

My 92-year old aunt who lives with us, is so depressed about it that she says that she is so depressed she sees no reason to go on. She is a stroke survivor who diligently stays on her iPad because she is practically confined to her bed. I went in to give her breakfast this morning and she looked terrible and so down. She is usually cheeful and talkative about all kinds of issues. You wouldn't believe she has had two by-pass operations since age 78 and had a stroke after the second one at the age of 80. She still has a great mind and keeps it active using her 6-year old iPad.

I feel so sad for her as well as the pangs of disappointment I feel myself. She said this is nearly as bad as she felt in November of of 2016. i am trying to cheer her up but she can tell, I am sure, that my heart is not in it. I hope the Soaps take her mind off of it.

Sara says the investigation was shameful. Like the Democrats called for a Special Prosecutor.

It was Comey's firing that instigated the Special Prosecutor. A GOP Deputy AG chose Mueller who is also a GOP. Winning is just not enough for these scumbags. Trump has attacked his on appointees over and over again. It appears that the media and Trumpians are allowing Trump to have it both ways...all ways, always.

If we cannot get the full report that should be a qualifiers for intelligent voters all ove the country. That has to be the deal-braker to vote or not to vote for Trump (his uninformed red base aside.)

Trumpians inside and outside the WH were just as surprised about the Mueller report as they were

about the outcome of the 2016 election. They know they are guilty and the know the government is guilty.

Maybe enough voters out here among the I's who feel that the craven double standard by the GOP

re Bill Clinton's subpoena, testifying under oath, and resulting impeachment is enough to make them jump off the fence on the side of equal justice and restoration of esteem of the Office of President.

No one bashed our justice system and Intel communities like Trump, yet he seems to be protected by them all.

The GOP would not accept the findings and non-indictment of HRC and still want to prosecute her and still chant "LOCK HER UP!"

The real character of all the GOP who have set the bar so low for this President and who work to protect him has been exposed. Now it is up to the voters to take that into their minds and heart as they determine for whom they will vote in November.

Any Congress person, House and Senate, who stands in the way of fighting voter supression, voter and voting fraud ought to be voted out of office.

President Obama said that we are the ones we have been waiting for. Let the wait not be in vain.

It may be that the Mueller Report turns out to be a license to collude with Russia for 2020?

What's to stop them now? We are in no way prepared to stop Russian bots any more than we were in 2016.

It appears the DOJ is now compormised under Barr so there are no voter protections or anit-voter supression operations there. Barr will not honestly pursue stamping out white supremacy violence either.

Trump spent two years beating down the FBI, CIA, DOJ and the media. He has beaten them into submission. Our only hope is the Democratic House. I am trusting the new members and our legacy members to work together in smart and tough actions to hold this administration accountable for its corruption.

I'm thinking ahead. One thing is for certain:

WE NEED TO BEGIN OUR STRATGY FOR STAVING OFF VOTER SUPRESSION AND CHEATING AT THE POLL. We already have one huge documentd case of fraud by the GOP. The GOP will be pulling out all the stops in 2020. The Trump cabal in now free to collude and conspire with the Russians for 2020. The release of this report at this time guarantees it.

So, will Lindsay insist on still going after HRC???

Will the GOP still want to investigate why HRC was not indicted?

Even the Trumpians in my condo know Trump and crew are guilty. They were hi-fiving and saying

"He got away clean!" They didn't say he was exonerated. They were gleeful that "he got away clean." That means they know Trump and crew are guilty of something and that they got away with it.
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