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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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Whoever said they were going to take down a wall?

What is he talking about?

Does he know that a record amount of fentanyl was just seized today WITHOUT his damn wall?

Major fentanyl bust today: without Trump's wall.


Instead if fighting each other and Schultz, why not come together, meet and explain to each other

in an internal closed town hall and hear each others explanation of their respective economic proposals and how they would work. Present researched and tested data and information on the economy might be affected by Medicare for all, the Warren billionaire tax, AOC progressive billionaire tax plan, someone else's environmental proposal, and ideas and impact of an infrastructure plan, education plan, voter rights enforecement plan, etc.

It would be worth a one-week time out to come together and learn about each others' proposals and take the best ideas and proofs from each proposal and put together a platform that any one of the candidate could and would support and that the voters of all stripes would be able to understand. STOP THE NONSENSE BICKERING and agree that our candidates so far are great. Bring Starbucks CEO into the fold and make him explain his position and plans and educate him about the other plans. We may be able to gain not only his support but the unified support of each other and not do harm to each other before we even get a nominee. We are stronger together, and we are better than that, and we are for the people, and we are fair wages, lower education costs and better education quality, a green economy, inclusion. etc.

Let's get our acts together and not allow the media or the GOP to define us and frame our positions. We can't do this until we agree on our own plan, proposal, and policies. Most of the candidates so far, are ignorant of each other's proposals. They should all know or have an idea about how proposal would be funded, sources, and enforced.

BTW: HRC slogan was STRONGER TOGETHER. Not I'M WITH HER as some would have you believe.

The latter was from her supporters.


The media, including some at MSNBC, are still lying about HRC. It never ends.

What is Cristie up to on Morning Joe? Is he just selling his book or trying to help Trump?

I smell the rat I see.

The absolute height of hypocrisy: Placing sanctions on Muduro and removing them from Deripaska and

Putin. The reason givinen for placing sanctions on Maduro is for his allegedly embezzling money from the people for himself and his cronies.

You just can't make this stuff up.

Don't get me wrong. I am no fan of Maduro but Trump seems to love right-wing autocrats who enrich themselves at the expense of their own people, but we will go to war with leftist autocrats doing the same thing.

Wonder why Pelosi allowed the STOU before the 15 days were up? There must be a hook? nt

Just guessing, but i believe that one of those sealed indictments filed the other day is for

Jeff Sessions.

Who should give the Democratic response to the STOU address?

Do many are or may be running. Whose left to give a good rebuttal? There is no Democrat that i wouldn't support except Tulsi.

We are going to get out of Afghanistan just in time to invade Venezuela. Wagging all dogs. nt

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