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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Wed Oct 24, 2018, 08:30 AM
Number of posts: 1,584

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Let's face and make the media report it. Trump has made the immigration issue a much bigger problem

than before he took office. Why don't we hear and see this all over cable and all over the radio outlets? Why doesn't Rush and Hannity report that? The big bad Trump has made the borders form porous and more inhumane. If Trump is so big and bad, why didn't his words frighten the caravans? Why are they still coming?

If Trump is so great and the best ever, why is border crossing the highest in a decade?

Since he has been President, more crossings and assylum seekers than under Obama. So Trump is the problem with the emergency at the border. Numbers were done without his wall. If the wall is being built, as he lies that it is, it is not stopping the caravans or border crossings.

Seriously, listening to that monster Trump leading the chant "Lock them up!" made me cry.

Say what you wnat, but this is very sad and alarming that so many of our fellow citizens follow this monster.

Why can't Q-anon be labled a hate group or terrorist group and be outlawed like they did the Black Panthers when they were merely feeding their communities?

Time for us to jump out there with our plans for infrastructure and immigration reform, snatching

issues from the GOP and keeping them before the publics eyes and ears.

Maybe Schiff is not a "long-ball hitter" as 45 said but he sure hit it out of the park yesterday!

I believe that Schiff is going to be a really big thorn in the side of the GOP for a long time.

Pete Buttigieg has accused President Donald Trump's administration of radicalizing Americans.

How long before the international community begins to treat white men like they did Muslim men after 9/11 and begin to place them on watch lists as potential terrorists?

With every new mass shooting and declaration of being Trump admirers by the mass shooters it might not be long.

Bet the GOP is sorry they started that BS with Schiff. If he weren't so valuable in the House

he could run. The GOP has a way of elevating Democrats to higher positions.

Hey Dems: Is this a good mantra for 2020? WE CARE, DO YOU? NT

Sounds like Betsy is pulling Trump under the bus with her.

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