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Are Democrats Prepared to Take the Low Road With Bloomberg?

Are Democrats Prepared to Take the Low Road With Bloomberg?

Mike Bloomberg wants company on his Low Road Express to TrumpLand. Are Democrats going to jump on Bloomberg’s bandwagon and go with him? Are they going to leave President Obama and Michelle at the fork in the road and take the low road, a road in which there is no turning back? The road leading to indecency and indignation. The well-worn road on which Trump and his toadies use when traveling to the land of greed and vice.

Mike Bloomberg would have us believe the low road is the only way back from the Trump-Republican disaster. His route would take us on the same old path Donald Trump has scuffed into the landscape on his many journeys in life. Mike is using his bulging chest full of personal campaign cash to buy us all into his journey. His journey with the tempting free passes and the gaudy, flashing billboards.

Democrats live, love, and exist on a decent and moral high ground. Our roads have always been well above the inhumanity and hatred, and our roads tend to take us to even higher levels. This will always be. There is no need to take a low road to an ill and evil place, even if that road has all the tolls paid by Bloomberg. There is no need to meet Trump in TrumpLand. He is the Road-Ranger of despair. He absorbs the goodness from all who get near him, even those seeking revenge.

Democrats should not travel on any road which leads to Trump and his village of vile, as tempting as it is to fight filth, with filth. Once there, in Donald’s world, he will surround us with his evilness and destroy our happiness. We should engage him in our arena, in our realm. Make him stay in our world and slay his presidency under our rules. Trump is naked and harmless on the high road, a place where he is powerless and can’t survive.

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