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The "Governing Wars" are Flaring Up, and Democrats are Winning

The “Governing Wars” are Flaring Up, and Democrats are Winning

From Democratic Governors leading the way on disaster response and protecting their people and their States from panic and pandemic, to Republicans making sure folks can still pack shoulder-to-shoulder to sing and worship in huge groups during a Social Distancing order, we are in a full blown War. The Governing Wars.

Democratic Governors are running circles around laggard, uninformed, and ill-advised Republicans. Democrats take real action on problems and may ask for God’s help in carrying out the mission, while Republicans shirk responsibility and wuss out from doing the actual work and put the whole job on God’s strong, but weary shoulders, straight from the get-go.

Republicans have always had problems with governing, even with supermajorities in their States and Washington DC. Sure, they can legislate away some kind of right or restrict a privilege faster than Trump can blurt out “Nasty Question!”, but Republicans really hate getting up off their asses and really solving problems. And, it sure doesn’t help that they are terrified of angering the Producer, lest they get fired from the Cast.

From Healthcare to Childcare, from Homeland Security to Social Security, from Voting Rights to Human Rights, from supporting Teachers to fixing Classrooms, from Military Readiness to Military Wellbeing, from bringing all Americans together to recognizing a need for empathy and compassion, Republicans are woefully and dangerously inadequate.

Republicans are adept at separating Americans into warring factions and they are real swell at keeping old prejudices percolating up just when they need some reminder folks can still act ugly. To compensate for not having the wherewithal to connect with down-to-earth Americans, Republicans sow seeds of crazy conspiracies and create mind blowing alternate realities where their constituents can camp out in ignorant bliss.

Republican lawmakers prance and dance and bark out their code words to let their bullshitted folks back home think they are still doing something, while Democratic lawmakers work hard into the night to hammer out real solutions to real challenges. Republican lawmakers are lazy loafers collecting checks, while their Democratic colleagues keep-on keeping-on by working out the difficulties of a tough, changing world.

The Governing Wars are playing out in real time and Democrats are winning. From Governor Newsom’s decisive actions securing critical medical equipment for Californians, to Governor Cuomo making tough decisions and really showing care and compassion for New Yorkers, Democrats are shining brightly. Their daily, informative briefings are a sharp contrast to Trump’s laughable, but tragic yammering.

From Governor Whitmer to Governor Inslee, Democratic Governors know the real war is against Covid 19. Ignoramus Dastard Trump, and the kowtowed Republicans, are deluded into thinking the war is against Democrats and Democratic Institutions. This will be their ultimate failing. The American people need real leadership and real fighters on their side, and Americans will find that leadership in Democrats. Republicans are losing the battles and will surely lose the War.

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