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The Landscape is Ripe for Persuading All Americans to Come Over to the Democratic Party

The Landscape is Ripe for Persuading All Americans to Come Over to the Democratic Party

Many everyday Americans are being manipulated and lied to by the GOP and can be persuaded to join Democrats with proper and relentless counter-messaging of Democratic values and core decencies. Democratic outreach should include a robust micro-targeted push in rural communities. Republicans have long exploited the less educated and less affluent, and in places like Kentucky, kept them doped up on opiates. It’s a cruel and cynical psychological operation using many levels of brainwashing and control.

Through the use of clever and destructive propaganda, Republicans have convinced folks, many of them in rural communities, that “high minded Democrats” are out to get them, and out to take away their freedoms. Freedom to NOT have healthcare, for example, is one of their ploys pushed on Talk Radio, the Republican go-to means for the promotion of fear and hate.

Republicans shun education for the people because an educated American tends to be Democratic in their politics and thinking. Democrats want to lift folks up and create a decent, safe, and kinder environment in which to live and love, and be proud to be a respectful and respected American citizen. Republicans want Americans to quarrel, segregate, and distrust each other and be afraid of change. Republicans can’t win national elections without maintaining their divide-and-conquer operations.

Using deceit, Republicans have managed to hoodwink many less savvy and less informed voters that any faults they have are not their fault. They preach it’s always someone else’s fault they are living in poverty, and it’s always someone else’s fault they can’t get an education and move up and out of poor communities. In fact, say many Republicans to their constituents, it’s the Democrats’ fault they are poor at all. When these same folks see people who may be more successful and also look different than them, their conditioned reaction can be anger at the person, their people, and the system. There is also anger at Democrats and anger at anyone but themselves. This anger is psychologically channeled by Republican operatives to promote racism and division... some subtle, some out in the open.

It took a long time to get America where we are with regard to people voting against their own well being. It will take much work to get these people to come around. We shouldn’t give up on them. They can change. They have to be shown a way out of Republican hold and out of Trump’s rallies. The way out has to be crafted so people can cross over or come back to Democrats with dignity. Chiding them and pointing out their failings is short-term satisfaction, but ultimately counterproductive and feeds the cycle of mistrust and hatred towards Democrats. There is a compromise which, if utilized, can ensure a Democratic dominancy which can render Republicanism obsolete in a country thirsting for equality.

Getting rid of Republicans at every level of government is the best way forward, from school boards to Governorships, to Washington DC. Republicans will continue to pollute Middle America and the South with propaganda using racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and misogyny. More sophisticated Republicans are in it for the money and judicial control. The basic draw to Republicanism used to be conservative family values, conservative economic polices, and personal responsibility. The draw now to their party is greed for the well-to-do Republicans, and a home to sustain fear and tribalism and nurture racism for the rest.

Democrats have not changed. Republicans have changed. Democrats are passionate about fairness in life, work, politics, and governing. Democrats are stronger because their tent keeps getting larger while the Republican tent keeps shrinking. Republicans have a knack of kicking many of their remaining core members out of their tent altogether, such as the military and the elderly, along with minorities. This is why Republicans try so hard to get law enforcement and the military in their corner. They are scared of change and the future, so scared they crave protection. But, times are changing and Americans are really more informed than ever before.

President Trump and Republicans, through selfish ineptitude, have opened a political portal, a portal which creates opportunities which must be exploited. Through this gateway, Democratic leadership can stand shoulder-to-shoulder while bringing decent and patriotic Americans along and push straight to the halls of Congress and on to the White House. But, this fugacious portal, while open, will be a tough passageway to cross. There will be harsh and sustained pressures which will push back hard on Democrats. Democrats must be prepared to battle seditious Republicans with a steely resolve that failure to save America is not an option.

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