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Member since: Wed Nov 7, 2018, 11:32 PM
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About that Bernie-Russia video: It has been public for years

A few thoughts about a video of Bernie Sanders praising a few aspects of the Soviet Union. Namely, that the transportation was good and he liked the puppeteers and the cultural programs (including the puppeteer) for youth are positive.

Does that sound alarming to you?

I just saw not one, but several instances of that video dated 2016 or earlier. Which means the Hillary camp was well aware of it and decided it was not worth using as a political weapon.

Now that the right wing is nervous about Bernie possibly being the nominee, this video begins to be circulated much more widely. They're experts in turning a Nothingburger into a fake scandal. The right wing could have used it against Bernie Sanders but they didn't want to help Hillary in 2016.

This is not some just-unearthed footage.

With Bernie raising 10 million dollars in less than a week, we need to leave open the possibility that Bernie will be our only chance to keep Trump from packing the SCOTUS with 9 young Kavanaughs.

Sanders 2016 spokesman calls Clinton folks "some of the biggest assholes in American politics."


Most Democrats want the party to become more moderate, poll finds

This is a little surprising to me.
Probably not very good news for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and good news for others such as Joe Biden.


Venezuela Opposition Calls for Consideration of Force Against Regime

Source: Wall Street Journal

Venezuela's opposition leaders called on the international community to consider the use of force against President Nicols Maduro's regime after an ambitious effort to deliver humanitarian aid into the crisis-stricken country descended into violence.

Julio Borges, a leading member of the opposition coalition, on Sunday said proposals for increased action against Mr. Maduro would be made during a meeting in Colombia's capital Bogota on Monday.

Opposition leader Juan Guaid, recognized as Venezuela's rightful president by more than 50 countries, including the U.S., will participate in the meeting with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and regional diplomats.

"We are going to demand an escalation in diplomatic pressure and the use of force against the dictatorship of Nicols Maduro," said Mr. Borges, who is the opposition's representative to the Lima Group, a coalition of Latin American nations and Canada who oppose Mr. Maduro.

Read more: https://www.wsj.com/articles/venezuela-opposition-calls-for-consideration-of-force-against-regime-11551040222

Let's see if Trump is for real about being a peace- loving solationist.

Tapper to Pompeo: Are there weapons in those Venezuelan "aid trucks"?

That's a pretty damn good question.
But don't worry. Pompeo says no.


Guaido to meet Pence to ask him for help toppling Maduro

As Guaido finds himself unable to close the deal, he's resorting to the help of the Northern power.
In exchange, Guaido will probably rally Florida Latinos to vote for Trump/Pence.


New Hampshire poll: Bernie leads by 2% over Biden.

I recently saw a poll where Bernie was second in New Hampshire, but this one is the first conducted after his announcement.
Kamala is third. Interesting highlight:

Tulsa Gabbard at 0%.

Bernie, who rejected "identity politics", says he's likely to nominate woman as VP if he wins

Not all flip flops are bad.
I applaud Bernie for this change of tune.

Related: (2016): Sanders slams identity politics as Democrats figure out their future

Trump's UN nominee "regularly stayed at Trump hote"

Wanna get a nice prestigious job? Just give Trump a lot of money. That's all.


Bernie will have a hard time winning the FL primary

I think Bernie Sanders is the only one courageous enough to say that the US should not interfere on the Venezuela situation.
Sadly, Florida Cubans and Venezuelans are kingmakers here and they will mount a campaign to equate Bernie with Stalin or Mao because he won't send war planes down there.

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