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Member since: Thu Nov 8, 2018, 12:32 AM
Number of posts: 648

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Tulsi Gabbard: WikiLeaks "has spurred some necessary changes"

When responding to a question about her opinion of Julian Assange:


Breaking: New primary poll of New Hampshire, Bernie's 2016 stronghold


Venezuelan military ignores Trump; back Maduro

Trump asked the military to side with Guaido but he failed.
Military on high alert ready to block aid:


Arizina poll: Biden ties Trump. Sanders gets walloped by 12%

Everyone but Joe Biden currently has an electability problem in Arizona according to this new poll of likely voters.
Hillary only lost by 3.5%.


"Tariff man" expected not to raise tariffs by March 1st as he promised

Implicitly admitting that he isn't really confident about the benefits of tariffs in China, Trump's knees wobbled.
He was supposed to raise tariffs if no deal was reached.
Watch his supporters say that tariffs at not that awesome on second thought.

Who will run next? Beto or Biden

Who will announce his candidacy next?

When the room "erupted in applause" in Tulsi Gabbard townhall

The following happened in New Hampshire, As reported by The Guardian today:

At that same town hall, when one voter said he admired Gabbard for meeting with Assad, the room erupted in applause.


Senator Patrick Leahy endorses Bernie Sanders

There is no way Bernie will lose Vermont now.

Biden is tougher than Bernie on Maduro. This could help Biden in Florida

Bernie Sanders will have to explain to Florida Venezuelans and Cubans why he has decried US intervention against Maduro.

Biden is more pro-Guaido.

I happen to side with Bernie's position on Maduro but I'm a New Yorker who didn't come from Venezuela and who doesn't hate socialism.

I have a favorable view of Bernie's kind of socialism. But again I'm not a Venezuelan or Cuban.

Bernie would also struggle to explain that he's not a socialist socialist but only a "Democratic socialist".

Joe Biden (if he runs) would in my opinion outperform Sanders in Florida against Trump.

Roger Stone ordered to appear in court over Instagram post

Uh oh:
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