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Member since: Wed Nov 7, 2018, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 648

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Someone should ask conservatives: Are the Aurora victims' moms angels too?

Or will God only recruit those whose children are killed by undocumented immigrants?
The killer in Aurora was a US Citizen.

I hear some talk about legislation to curb national emergencies

I support that, but after we milk it in 2021 if a Democrat wins the Presidency.
You can't just let Trump have all the fun.

Ro Khanna (D-CA) tweets praise of Tucker Carlson article on The American Conservative

The first reaction for someone justifying what Khanna did may be that Carlson's article is about anti-interventonism.
But Tucker Carlson supported the invasion of the Iraq war.
And then there's the issue of whether any Democrat should promote a white nationalist at all.

Glenn Greenwald (who also supported the invasion) retweeted Khanna's tweet:

This poll is bad news for everyone but Kamala

She's tied with Biden in California in a new poll, with Sanders trailing them by 6%.
California votes earlier now and has a gazillion delegates.

Kamala, Warren, Booker, vote no on border Compromise

As well as two other Democrats.

Hawaii Senator signals Democrats will use national emergency power liberally


As we should.

Cory Booker: Why didn't Trump declare Puerto Rico a national emergency?

Great question:

Now Democrats should vote no on the compromise

Make Trump go all or nothing with his national emergency scam.
Why give him 1.6 billion if he thinks he doesn't need Congress anyway?

Voter tells Washington Post why he supports Tulsi Gabbard

Very interesting and fucked up reason to support a Democrat, from an article by Dave Weigel :

“She never publicly endorsed Clinton,” said Ryan Mostone, 35, at the Fairfield event. “She seemed to pretty much hate her, which was awesome. That's when she earned my respect.”


There goes the reputation of Meredith Watson (Second Fairfax accuser)

Meredith Watson detained a man against his will and threatened to kill herself, according to a man who was granted his wish of an order of protection against her in 2008.
I have not read of heard anything against the first accuser, but this second one appears to be batshit-crazy if she indeed committed those acts. And apparently she is guilty, because believe the victim.

"The man sought and received a peace order against Meredith Watson in July 2008, the records show. A peace order falls under the “umbrella term” of a restraining order in the state of Maryland, University of Maryland law professor Leigh Goodmark said. It is applied to situations in which a person may need to ask for distance from someone who isn't their spouse or live-in partner, he said."

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