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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Houston, Texas
Member since: Sat Nov 10, 2018, 01:08 PM
Number of posts: 3,618

Journal Archives

I can't stop loving this young girl's voice, so much force for 14 years old.

This is an original song written and performed when she was just 12. She has now signed with Republic Records, so I am hoping for some good things from her...yep, I admit it, I am smitten.

Angelina Jordan - Shield

This song is fire! James Bond theme song is in her future...lol.

I'm a Fool to Want You - Angelina Jordan

I'm very happy to announce that Angelina has signed onto Republic Records (Amy Winehouse's label) so maybe now the whole world will be treated to this wunderkind. I've been following her since her debut many years ago and I just knew that someday she would make it big, oh please let it be so, her voice is so great.

Howl - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Just wanted to remind DUer's that Windows 10 free upgrade from 7, 8.1 still works.

I know it has been posted in threads here before, but I just wanted to let everyone know it still works, almost seamlessly.

There is a caveat. If you used Windows disks to install and automatically format your hard drive during the install, you may have a 100mb System Reserve drive that contains all your initial boot files and may act as a constraint towards getting the update to install.

Check your hard drive setup to insure install success.

1. Check your drive setup.

2. Click Start Run, type "diskmgmt.msc"

3. This will bring up a listing of your disks in a window.

4. Check to see if you have a 100mb "System Reserved" or "Data" partition (no drive letter). If you do not, quit Disk Management and skip to 7.

5. Check the free space column to make sure you have 15mb free space. If not, there is still hope, read on.

6. If you have 15mb or greater free space, then you should be able to install Windows 10. A safer number is 18mb, but MS says 15mb is good. Quit the Disk Management application.

6a. If you do not have 15mb free, here is a website that shows you what to do, but at this point, you need to be careful as you can mess up your pc and make it unbootable if you make a mistake.

7. I'll refer to this website now for a list of things to consider and do before upgrading and links the to the Windows 10 Update Tool,


The upgrade/update tool will check your system to verify if it can handle windows 10.

Rehab - #1

For those who missed Jack White on SNL last night, here you go!

Jack White: Ball and Biscuit/Don't Hurt Yourself/Jesus Is Coming Soon (Live) - SNL

Jack White: Lazaretto (Live) - SNL

Jack White - Lazaretto

Ball and Biscuit

Jack White killed it on SNL tonight...

So many genres, so much brilliance. Jack White. Ice Station Zebra.

Punk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock and Roll...all meshed together in Boarding House Reach, an undeniably artistic album.

Hear me out, it ain't easy but I'll try to explain
Everything in the world gets labeled and named
A box, a rough definition, unavoidable
Who picked the label doesn't want to be responsible
Truth, you're the warden, here's the keys to the prison
You create your own box, you don't have to listen
To any of the label makers, printing your obituary

Here's an example
If Joe Blow says "Yo, you paint like Caravaggio"
You'll respond "No, that's an insult, Joe"
"I live in a vacuum, I ain't coppin' no one."
Listen up, son

Everyone creating is a member of the family
Passing down genes and ideas in harmony
The players and the cynics might be thinking it's odd
But if you rewind the tape, we're all copying god
Copying god, copying god
Copying god, copying god
Add your own piece, but the puzzle is god's

Paying interest on the bills of late, but
I just can't seem to remember the dates
I lay low and turn off the lamps
Come on over, you can lick the stamps and
We could put together a portfolio and
Sing hallelujah in stereo
If we find a baby, let her into the hold, but
Keep the car running on molten gold

We got fever and there ain't no cure, girl
Take out insurance if you ain't too sure, girl
We do things that lovers do well
Never have to ever hear the rings of school bells
Plaid jeans, no cellular phone
All the time in the world, no twilight zone
My time is mine and they know they can't get it
J. B. told me you got to hit it and quit it

I'm never gonna go where you want me to go, 'cause
I got feelings that you just don't know and you can
Listen up if you want to hear
And if you can't stand it, then... right here
The name of the tune is Cool Hand Luke, 'cause
I got stripes on my pants and boots
In prison you could learn a lesson
From the analog to the hot box session
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