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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Houston, Texas
Member since: Sat Nov 10, 2018, 12:08 PM
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Back in the late 70's in high school, I had a job as a Nurses Aide. I wanted to be a Nurse.

I had a couple of easy posts in some not so bad areas of the Hospital and thought it was a good choice. Then I spent a stint helping in the ER. One night a guy came in with his hand on his back. He said he needed a DR. "Real Quick Like".

We all kind of looked at him and he looked healthy except for his odd posture with his hand on his back. We asked why?

"I've been stabbed." he replied.

Immediately, the nurses rushed over to him and helped him to a room and called a Dr. The Dr. walked in and asked him where he had been stabbed. I was standing a good six fee away when he removed his hand and said "right here". The blood shot out covering the Dr. and a nurse. The knife must have struck an artery. The Dr. did not even flinch he just put his hand out and covered the wound and proceeded to help the man to the bed. I was in shock. Blood was everywhere.

It was no longer a fun job. It was real and it was scary. I knew I was not cut out for it. Not because of the blood. Just because I was so emotional and could not act when confronted with a shocking emergency. Sure, I was young and new at this, but I knew.

To say a Dr or a Nurse or all the support staff, like nurses aides and phlebotomist and lab people are heroes during this time is correct, but lets face it, THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HEROES.

It is criminal that hospitals, grocery workers, line workers in plants are not being given the support they need from our government.

It is criminal that our government is stealing supplies out of the hands of the states and hospitals that have purchased them.

It is criminal that Dump continues to lie and is never held accountable.

It is criminal that Senate Republicans have given him a pass and are silent while he tweets treasonous calls to rally his useful idiots around his flag of death and destruction.

It is criminal.

So he just said that he is going to let some states open sooner than May.

"Numerous states that are in great shape, right now".

"They're viewing the rest of the country as we don't believe this is happening".

"They're set to open, practically now".

Is he insane? So he is going to open half the country and then what?

wtf...this guy is crazy.

I want waffles!

Gravitas: The interview China tried to hide - Wuhan Coronavirus - Dr. Ai Fen

Dr. Ai Fen is a doctor at the Wuhan Central Hospital.
She was perhaps among the first doctors to discover the Wuhan virus. After speaking out against the authorities, Dr. Ai Fen has gone missing. WION's Palki Sharma brings you the Ai Fen revelations.

Added link to WION web page with story. For some reason clicking the link for the video might bring up an Epoch Times ad.


Also link for stories about Ai Fen and her troubles earlier, before and after her disappearance.


The Guardian


Radio Free Asia - Reporting on her missing.

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