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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Current location: Houston, Texas
Member since: Sat Nov 10, 2018, 12:08 PM
Number of posts: 5,014

Journal Archives

Alice In Chains - Down in a Hole (MTV Unplugged - HD Video)

When you talk about being in the pocket, feeling the groove or firing on all cylinders...

Friday Night Album Rock - Nilsson - Schmilsson QS Quadraphonic Full Album

Nilsson Schmilsson is the seventh album by American singer Harry Nilsson, released by RCA Records in November 1971. It was Nilsson's most commercially successful work, producing three of his best-known songs. Among these was the number 1 hit "Without You", written by Pete Ham and Tom Evans of the group Badfinger. The album was the first of two Nilsson albums recorded in London and produced by Richard Perry.

"Jump into the Fire" and "Coconut", both written by Nilsson, also became hits. The album performed well at the 1973 Grammy Awards, earning a nomination for Album of the Year, while "Without You" won the Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. In 2006, Nilsson Schmilsson was ranked number 84 on Pitchfork's "Top 100 Albums of the 1970s".


Rush Xanadu Exit Stage Left [1981]

I'm Going Slightly Mad - Queen

My new anthem for 2020-Won.

Murder hornets, Pandemic, Zombie Minks, Texas Blizzard, Q-Riots...and on and on and on.

You Take My Breath Away

I'll just leave this here...

Sorry, I removed the image as I refuse to ever use the word cruz in a sentence...

There I go again...my bad.

My apologies to DU.

Album Rock Sunday - Obscured By Clouds - Pink Floyd

Obscured by Clouds is the seventh studio album by the English progressive rock band Pink Floyd, released on 2 June 1972 by Harvest and Capitol Records. It is based on their soundtrack for the French film La Vallée, by Barbet Schroeder. It was recorded in two sessions in France, while they were in the midst of touring, and produced by the band members.


The songs on Obscured by Clouds are all short and economical, in contrast to the lengthy instrumentals found on other Floyd albums. A strong country music influence was present on several tracks, with prominent use of acoustic guitar.[8] The album also featured the VCS 3 synthesiser, which Wright had purchased from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.[5]

The title track made prominent use of the VCS 3, and featured Mason playing electronic drums.[4] The following track, "When You're In" is similar in style; its title came from a phrase said by roadie Chris Adamson.[5] The two pieces were played back-to-back live in late 1972 and on the 1973 tours.[9] They were also part of the set used for the group's collaboration with Roland Petit and the Ballet National de Marseille at the Palais de Sports, Paris, in early 1973.[10]


Democrats Serve, Republicans like to be served.

That's the difference in a nutshell.

If you look at the democrats, they are representing the people they serve. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, AOC, Al Franken (such a loss), etc.

Sure there might be a few outliers who are self serving to an extent, but the whole concept behind the democratic platform is to serve the people, to try and do things that affect the common good of ALL citizens, be they democrat, republican or independent.

For a brief time in college, I knew a young lady republican who was looking to make a career in politics. She was not that bright, but she was ruthless and cunning. What she told me will never be forgotten. She said that the quickest way to become a powerful millionaire is to go into politics. She said that was the only reason she was going into politics, to get rich and powerful. She only saw herself, everyone else was a mark, a vote to be had at any cost.

Ted Cruz had no idea his actions would be so condemned by the public because he does not SEE the public. - Ted Cruz is in it for the money. Cruz and others like him are not in politics to SERVE the people they represent, they are in it for themselves, for political and monetary gain.

I will add this, the people the republicans represent are selfish idiots as well so they don't notice anything is wrong with their leaders.

My plumber just told me, I'm on my own.

At least he took my call. He told me he can't even get out of his neighborhood as there are so many people in his one little area that he wakes up each day to a line of people camped outside his house. He is a good man and will not turn away a neighbor in need, however, since I am not in his neighborhood (next one over) he told me today. "Sorry, can't help you."

He also told me that supplies are out, so even if he could get to me, he probably would not have what he needs to do the job. Maybe next week or the week after before supplies get back online.

None of the plumbing companies I call are answering their phones.

So glad I have a pool and a survival water filtration unit. A shower would be nice though...lol.

The horrible part about all this is that there are many people worse off than we are. No power, no water, no gas or electric, grocery stores empty...it just gets so much worse for everyone affected.

My son who is in Austin is now out of food, water and power.

The only shining light in all of this is the knowledge that it shall pass. However, the pain and suffering during this event was avoidable had our elected officials just DONE THEIR FUCKING JOB.

Thank you for letting me vent...love ya'll.

When the Levee Breaks

In honor of my burst pipes and the destroyed ceiling.

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