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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 04:45 PM
Number of posts: 5,863

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Tax returns

Wondering who else has been wondering where your refunds are. I am at 4 months since filling. Went to IRS2Go and IRS site. Will not accept my entry. Called my tax preparer today. She called IRS yesterday, they are 4 to 6 months behind. Understaffed. More GOP fuckery. Like Post Offices. Those refunds could help people hurting bad and go back into economy. GOP do not give a fuck about people. Nor one fuck, and trump is at his course for 3 day break. But his cult is fine with it.


Really? And he mentions he has done more than Roosevelt in the same segment? Muir should cram his walking cane up his drug riddled nose like a Covid test.
Did he get that from Kanye yelling at Jared, to bring diet cokes for his and Donnies election strategy meeting.
Is that a Jewish National Reserve habitat under supervision of trumps private National Park Police.


I don’t know how many of you watched the video streaming here from the white guy, standing in the most racist city in the country, holding a Black Lives Matters sign, but THAT is the underbelly of this country. Completely sickening drive by’s of white scum shouting at him. That video should be streaming in every VA hospital so all the Black Veterans can See what their service was for. If any black athlete ever plays a sport on any team in Arkansas, ever again, maybe take a look at the people there and what you mean to them. Sorry, I do not know how to post the link, it was on the video section here at DU earlier today.
And that same town is very hard core Jesus country.
A disgusting representation of humanity, especially the most pristine genetic strain of our species.(sarcasm there if I need to state it.)

Here they come

I live in WNC. I just had 7 Apache Helos fly over my home, semi rural mtn side. They were at probably an illegal altitude. My home is around 3,500 feet MSL. They almost blew my hat off while out in the yard. I understand trump came to NC today to avoid John Lewis Memorial. I live in that asshole Meadow’s district. (Before Putin sent him to DC) Thinking they may be staging at storm trooper takeover to Beat John Lewis ratings sweep of himself. (UN)lock and load. War is coming to a town near you. Second amendment anti tyrannical gubment takeover whiny Needle dick bitches, what’s up?
The war machines were 200 feet over my head. Gettin Great out here. And Melanoma what’s to redo the Rose Garden. Guessing with many trump head on Rambo body golden statues.


The GOP are like a swarm of sweat eating knats hovering around trump’s ball sack like a hive, taking turns entering his asshole to tickle his enlarged prostrate. If Knat swarms have a queen like bees, CONway and Mc-a-Ninny are sharing that throne. Worker Knats and soldier knats have specific jobs.
We need to spray pesticides on that ball sack to kill em all. Pest control=Massive voting.

Media hijacking

I live in monkeys ass red Western North Carolina. For 20 years I have had Direct TV, now owned by AT&T. I never wanted to pay the additional charge for local TV so I always had New York feeds for ABC, CBS and NBC. Also Paid extra for the California feeds of those same stations to have a 3 hour delay to see missed shows. Two months ago AT&T said “Congress” passed a bill making that illegal. Now I HAVE to view local and it it packed with pro trump commercials and Tillis, all making me vomit. Plus a Heavy helping of Jesus shows. Congress does not want Red states to be exposed to librul feeds like New York and California. Media is out to, no, already is, brain washing us all for oligarchy takeover. This country and GOP conservatives are destroying Democracy and this country. With Russian help. Our right to vote being destroyed. We ARE at Fucking War. While we are distracted by trump hell, right/white wing Congress is fucking this country up,

Voided election

Lots of talk about Trump not accepting results of the election after Nov., “We’ll hVe to see what happens”. So after all voter suppression fails and he gets slaughtered, His last play is to deny results and use the constitution to Have states not verify electoral. My question, if he sees he lost, and McConnell, Graham, Collins, Ernst, et al get slaughtered, do we not believe “they will also” do everything to deny the vote to keep their jobs. How far down will the voiding results go? To states, counties, cities and how long then will they keep the congress appointed positions, 4 years or a new election?

Yes. I love Bush's Best

Except for the name. But at this point, Bush is not so bad. Ya can’t go wrong with beans. Don’t know about Army, but too many beans on a DDG Tin can Navy Ship, with racks stacked four high, was dangerous. We did have chemical weapons masks mounted on our racks though.

Dear. Betsy et al

For those so concerned about children‘s loneliness and social needs while school is closed, tell me this. After the child infects the parents, they spend weeks if not months in ICU then die, who will be there to prevent their loneliness? Who will pay the extravagant hospital bills? Who will pay for and arrange funeral? Who will care for these children’s welfare then, that you are so concerned for. Will Mnuchin come foreclose their homes. Thinking all those kids will not be back at school anytime soon after that Trauma. Maybe Ivanka can do an add and chair another committee like her just go find a new job task force.......just go find new parents. Pro Life Jesus party. God Sent trump to do this? What an ass.........that God is.

Retirement question

If trump gets convicted of crimes committed while in office, after defeat, can his retirement be revoked? Even after he is dead, I think Melanoma will get to leach off tax payers for the rest of her life. Have they not criminally looted our taxes enough? And, Pence for being complicit, or even criminally involved. Thom Hartmann said this AM, that if trump resigns and appoints Pence for pardon, HIS pension would sky rocket. That is sickening to think we pay them for life, after theft and treason.
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