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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,222

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Was just reminded

Hank Aaron was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002. Think of his accomplishments through all the racist hell he went through to achieve them and the inspiration he gave to so many others in the world. Then think of Rusty Limpballs, Devin Nunez, and Gym Jordon’s life long struggles to get that honor.
GOP idea of honorable people.

Press pool

Is there a minimum degree required to be in the press pool at the White House? Some of those question are just stupid. Like sitting in a classroom and there is that one person that thinks he/she appears intelligent that asks questions just to hear themselves talk.
Not just Douche!
Jen has some serious patience and tolerance.
Some think they are still addressing KayLee MAGAninny, or Huckleberry.

Did anyone else's

Heart fall out of your chest, after Garth, and there seemed to be a ruckus near Obama and the cameras moved away?

Just a brief followup

I do not want to interfere with the importance of today and posts reflecting the joy and hope.
I only want to let those that have direct mailed to me about my Covid victim Daughter ICU nurse.
She is recovered significantly at home and did not need hospitalization. She is beyond 14 day isolation and went back to her 12 hour shift last night. Still feeling of exhaustion but was assigned to 6 patients that needed little assistance.
We will be watching closely for long term effects, but are so grateful to all your support and vibes.
400,000 plus did not recover. 24 million plus have been through our horror and fear.
We are doing well today, so let’s all enjoy this day of hope and we can discuss her attack at a later day.
My heart was full with all the well wishes from this family, all were shared with my daughter.
Like her late mom, a long time OR nurse, my daughter is all love and heart for others.
She has forgiven the patient.
Me, well, you’ve read my posts here, not forgiving to fools and ignorant right wing trumpers and Covid deniers.
But, again, rants for another day.
Today, I am grown ass man, a veteran of war time, and Lady GaGa, Jo Lo, the entire event brought a tear to me. I actually stood removed my hat, proud of that flag again. Been a while.
Cheers and love to you all that helped us spiritually battle this evil disease. Now, party for the departure and a new hope.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Wrapped in the American flag

I googled images of soldiers returning home in caskets wrapped in the flag, but my tech skills suck. I could not copy and paste here.
But to me, as a “veteran”, the ONLY Patriots deserving of being wrapped in our flag are those returning soldiers. Men and women that actually sacrificed for this country.
Seeing those mouth breathing ass sores, men and women storming our democracy to execute leaders, wrapped in flags, is more sickening than Middle East Terrorists burning the damn flag chanting, “death to America”. Those fucking maggots should have been shouting the same, “Death to America”. That is their mission.
Feel free to post images of our returning soldiers for a visual emphasis here, and I thank you for doing so.

Peaceful protesters, all invited by Trump

I need tech help. I tried to post an image from World War Z of all the zombies climbing over each other to breach that wall here. My skills suck. Can someone grab that image. It looks like the MAGA Patriots storming our house to kill.

2021 line up

Dancing with the stars:
Trump and Judge Gin Shapiro
Jarod and Lier Ingaham
Invanka and Shaun Vanity
Jr and Sarah Palin
Melanoma and Cucker Tarlson
And Eric with Paula White
Music by Village People and Kid Rock
Special solo dancing by Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon, dancing to Christian Rock.

Forgive my rage

My daughter, age 31 and all I have, we lost her mom to cancer when she was 10, is now extremely sick from Covid. She is an ICU nurse, and was attacked by a male rabid denier on in her unit while trying to help him. She was in full PPE and still got the virus from him. He forcefully punched her in the breast. And spewed while shouting.
7 days in and got positive test Tuesday.
I have no patience left. I served this country for 8 years and now the enemy is right here, egged on by Trump and Fox News. Attacking my country, and now attacking my daughter just trying to give medical help.
I am fighting like hell to not take my skills, a special set of skills, gubment paid for skills to go honor my oath.
I hate to see the flag, I hate the chanting USA, I hate the GOP. Never will I salute, take my hat off, or honor that God damned song until justice and prison for all these treasonous asses are accomplished. Especially congress, Trump and his minions.
If I lose her, this soldier will go back to soldiering.
This snowflake is now boiling water and about to scald some brain dead Trump zombies.
And Comey thinks Biden should pardon Trump for unity😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬.
Benghazi, who ordered the stand done while watching the attack that killed for? Those attackers did not shit and smear it all the building. Our home grown white terrorists did just that in our capital. In GODS name, Pillow Guy! Fuck GOP. Fuck every damn one of them. Jail that 5 foot white Glock Qanon Princess that assisted the attack.
Ok, I am done for now. Thanks for allowing steam from this boiling pot to rise and cool.

Stop the Steal!

better count the silver

Sawyer Hackett
A beautiful sight: moving boxes arrive at the White House. (Via @erinscottphoto)

From a veteran

Of the Vietnam draft era. If any of you non veterans watched the opening of “Saving Private Ryan” as the soldiers, terrified with bullets buzzing overhead before the gates were lowered on the landing crafts, and then they charged those beaches while bodies were piling up from the slaughter. The sea was red, the sand was red and so many lost their life. Certainly they were afraid, and brave. But there was no choice, it was charge and fight. What was it they were so determined to fight for? Ending fascism and a sick criminal white supremacist, the ultimate one.
Now that enemy is proudly here attacking our capital and threatening murder of our leaders. Wearing signs and messaging of Nazis in praise,
So you GOP congress people that voted to over throw our election because you were scared of American Nazis. Fuck you. All you GOP too afraid to end our own Hitler because it will bring danger. Fuck you. Fuck you all in honor of this thousands that charged that beach, and every beach to protect democracy. You have no business being in our leadership roles. Being paid by us. Leave, you traitorous cowards. Especially Cruz, Hawley. And McCarthy. Especially you Lindsay, you sniveling bootlicking coward. Fuck... You especially.
It is time to charge that enemy right here and end America Nazi’s and dictator.
I am currently embarrassed, and sickened for the country I served.
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