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Traildogbob's Journal
Traildogbob's Journal
April 29, 2022

Here it comes

If you saw any of the NFL draft……thousands packed in, nut to butt, (old navy phrase about packed in tight always in line waiting), unmasked, screaming, waving towels and hugging from all over the country. They will ALL be flying back to their states, now legally unmasked. What say you, Dr Fauchi?

April 12, 2022

Cawthorn alert.

I never watch local (Sinclair slop) news here in district 11, home to Meadows and Cawthorn, But saw a lead in to the News at 11 that teased about the primarily debate for Cawthorn’s seat. He was a no show (🤔 but they had a brief shot of each of the 7 or so hopefuls to unseat him. Every damn one was an illiterate R/W zombie that looked like center folds from a Wall-Mart who’s who magazine. All trump humpers with the IQ of a single dried up sperm on a sock of Donald’s himself. Platforms from the wall, to Hilary’s email, to Hunter, to guns and God, to I’m not a politician and will thow out the criminal “Democrat” scum. One fool shouted the favorite mating call, “Biden is the biggest threat to the nation”, with an evilgelical like “hands to the heavens” gesture while shouting in tongues and spewing “tobacki” laced with Covid through the packed room. I will not even comment on the crowd appearance with Cawthorn for President tee shirts, size medium on a size XXXL 250 pound 5’2” frame with the same hair stylist of Marsha Blackburn. Made Cawthorn seen like a viable seat holder in our congress. We are fucked. And this within the City limits of blue as hell Asheville. They get these fools off the outside bench at a single chair barber shop (Mayberry Style) that sit there everyday, all day, and share 6th grade wisdom they gained from a life within a 75 mile radius and spoon fed Fox News world insight.
How low we have gone to search for leadership.

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